How do I contact the Long Beach admissions office?

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How do I contact the Long Beach admissions office?

Please visit any Beach Central window or call 562.985. 5471.

How do I cancel my enrollment at CSULB?

Starting the third week of class, if you wish to withdraw from a class, you must complete the online withdrawal request on MyCSULB Student Center. When you no longer plan to complete a class that you are enrolled in, you must drop or withdraw from the class.

Can I take classes at CSULB?

You can take courses on a space-available basis and earn college credit during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students registering through Open University do not need instructor or department approval to add a class.

Can an instructor drop you from a class?

Can an instructor drop or withdraw me from a class? Yes, in certain situations instructors may: Give your spot in the class to another student if you don’t attend the first day. Mark you down as a ‘No Show’ on the class roster for not attending the first week.

Will I get a refund if I drop a class?

Dropping a class after the drop/add period has ended is considered a Withdrawal. You may withdraw from a course after the add/drop period has ended with no grade penalty, however, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund and must still pay any outstanding balances owed to the college.

How long does it take for Csulb to review transcripts?

If you need your transcript quickly it is highly recommended that you choose the E-Transcript option, as it can take up to 5-7 business days from the day your order is completed for you to receive a printed transcript sent via first-class mail.

How does the CSULB Center for International education work?

The Center’s team strengthens these connections through numerous activities. We welcome thousands of students, scholars, and professionals to our campus each year for a range of degree and non-degree programs, and we offer a wealth of learning and research opportunities for CSULB students and faculty abroad.

How to enroll at California State University Long Beach?

Current students can use our site for easy-to-follow information regarding class registration, degree progress and advising, filing to graduate and various other resources. Our campus offers multiple alternative options for accessing programs and courses offered for visitors who want to enroll in classes .

When do I need to report my address change to CSULB?

International degree-seeking students who change their U.S. address must report the change to CSULB within 10 days of moving by changing your mailing address in your MyCSULB account. F-1 students who complete an academic program or OPT have a 60-day grace period and J-1 students who complete an academic program have a 30-day grace period.

How many online courses can I take at CSULB?

Online Courses: Only 3 units or one online course per semester is applicable to the full-time enrollment total. For students sponsored by their home country government or organizations, there may be additional limitations.