How do I find my BCBS prefix?

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How do I find my BCBS prefix?

BCBS Alpha prefix is always a three letters followed by the member’s ID number and which can be up to 14 digits except Federal Employee Program. For your reference you can find the complete three digits BCBS Alpha prefix list 2021 above.

What is the alpha prefix for BCBS of Massachusetts?

BCBS Provider Phone Number List by State

BCBS Alpha Prefix List Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies – State
MBU BCBS of Massachusetts (MA)
MBV Carefirst BCBS of Maryland (MD), District of Columbia (DC) and Northern Virginia (VA)
MBW Anthem BCBS of Ohio (OH)
MBX BCBS of South Carolina (SC) / Southcarolinablues

What BCBS does prefix LWE belong to?

Confirm membership—Lowe’s plan members can be identified by the following BCBS alpha prefixes: LWE, LHN. Verify eligibility and benefits, and complete any other applicable pre-service requirements.

What is the subscriber ID on insurance card?

back to FAQ listWhere can I find my Member ID number? This is also called your Subscriber ID number, and you can find it on your Health Net insurance card. When you register, please enter the complete ID number, including all letters and numbers. You can also register if you do not know your ID number.

How do I find my Blue Cross ID?

Are you already a member? Call Customer Service at 1-877-258-3334 or log in to Blue Connect and click Get Your ID Card. Online you can see and download a digital ID, print your ID or ask for a new one.

What are account specific alpha prefixes?

Account-specific prefixes are assigned to centrally processed national accounts. National accounts are employer groups that have offices or branches in more than one area, but offer uniform benefits coverage to all of their employees. Account-specific alpha prefixes start with letters other than X, Y, Z, or Q.

What is RxIIN?

Card Issuer Identifier. The purpose of the card issuer ID is to have a unique identifier for all health plans; however, the pharmacy industry uses the RxIIN (required), RxPCN (situational) and RxGRP (situational) for identification of the pharmacy benefit plan. card issuer ID field.

What does BlueCard PPO mean?

The BlueCard Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) medical plan gives you the freedom to select in-network or out-of-network health care providers to administer covered health care services.

Which is an example of an alpha prefix?

Alpha Prefix means plan id starts with three alphabets like ABC, XYZ, etc. The first two alphabets of the prefix denote the plan and the third alphabet prefix denotes the type of product the insured choose for coverage. Example: Prefix “ZGP” (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas – it is a PPO Product) 1st Character “Z” Plan Specific

How many alpha prefixes are there in BCBS?

There are total of 696 alpha prefix in BCBS RAA-RZZ list and 13 are Not Assigned prefixes out of 696. BCBS Prefix. BCBS Plan Name. X2A. Anthem BCBS Connecticut. X2B. Blue Cross Idaho. X2C.

Where can I find list of Blue Cross prefixes?

XDP Blue Cross of California Costal 800 564 7475 XDP Blue Cross of California Costal 800 759 3030 XDP Univ of Davis/BC of CA 800 888 2108 XDP BC of CA 877 359 9644 XDP BCBS Intraplan 800 677 6669 XDS Blue Cross of California 800 677 6669 XDV BCBS of Colorado 866 364 2374