How do I get from Pudong airport to maglev?

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How do I get from Pudong airport to maglev?

One can take Metro Line No. 2 in Hongqiao Airport and get off at Longyang Road Station. Here you can transfer to maglev train to reach Pudong Airport. The maglev train only takes about 8 minutes from Longyang Road Station to Pudong Airport.

Where can I take maglev in Shanghai?

If you are curious about the train, you can go to Shanghai Maglev Transportation Science and Technology Museum at the bottom of Longyang Rd. Station in Pudong New Area.

How long is the maglev train between Shanghai and the airport?

The line runs between Longyang Road Station on the Shanghai Subway Line 2, to Pudong International Airport, and the journey takes no more than 8 minutes to complete the distance of 30 km (19 miles). It can reach up to 431 km/hr (268 mph) during the journey.

Where is the maglev train located?

Six commercial maglev systems are currently in operation around the world. One is located in Japan, two in South Korea, and three in China. In Aichi, Japan, near Nagoya, a system built for the 2005 World’s Fair, the Linimo, is still in operation.

How much does a maglev train ticket cost?

Maglev Ticket Categories and Fare

Type Details Price (CNY)
Single Trip Ticket Valid for an ordinary seat during a single trip of the day 50
Round Trip Ticket (valid in 7 days) Valid for an ordinary seat during a round trip in 7 days 80
VIP Single Trip Ticket Valid for a VIP seat during a single trip of the day 100

What is the top speed of a maglev train?

430 km/h
The Shanghai maglev train, also known as the Shanghai Transrapid, has a top speed of 430 km/h (270 mph). The line is the fastest operational high-speed maglev train, designed to connect Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the outskirts of central Pudong, Shanghai.

Are maglev trains safe?

Today, maglev trains are generally considered to be among the most safe and comfortable rapid transit systems in the world. Even with regard to earthquakes, maglev trains are considered to be very secure rapid transit systems.

Is there a maglev train to Shanghai Pudong Airport?

Maglev Train Shanghai Airport Maglev Train is a train that operates in Shanghai, serving Shanghai Pudong Airport. It covers the route from Longyang Station to PVG Airport in just 8 minutes. WHAT IS MAGLEV TRAIN?

Can You refund a maglev train ticket in Shanghai?

The pass can be fully refunded if it is not used, but this service is only available at the maglev stations of Pudong International Airport and Longyang Rd.. Once used on either maglev or subway, it cannot be refunded. The card will not be recycled after use and passengers can keep it as a souvenir.

How long is the train from Pudong to Pudong?

It runs at a speed of 430 km per hour. – From Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road: 07:02 am to 11:42 pm. – From Longyang Road to Pudong Airport: 06:45 am to 09:40 pm. Train departs every 15 minutes (from 09:02 am to 06:47 pm) and every 20 minutes (from 07:02 am to 08:24 am, 07:02 pm and 09:24 pm).

Which is the best maglev ticket in China?

Either paper air tickets or electronic ones are applicable. * Maglev Pass is maglev through ticket offered by Great Wall Credit Card issued by Bank of China. It is a favorable electronic ticket product for passengers who frequently take the maglev trains.