How do I make my circle font on my Cricut?

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How do I make my circle font on my Cricut?

Curving Text in Design Space

  1. Click the Text tool in the Design panel to the left of the Canvas.
  2. Enter text into the text box, choose your font and font style, and use the Letter Space tool to adjust letter spacing as needed.
  3. Click on the Curve tool.
  4. Drag the slider to the right to curve the text downward.

How do you monogram fonts on Cricut?

How to Make a Monogram in Cricut Design Space

  1. Download your favorite monogram font.
  2. Open Cricut Design Space to a blank canvas.
  3. Type your FIRST NAME initial using the Text Tool.
  4. Select your font.
  5. Add the MIDDLE initial.
  6. Add the LAST name Initial.
  7. Center the Three Initials.
  8. Weld or Attach Your Initials.

Which font is best for monogram?

The best monogram fonts of 2020

  1. Fidelio. Fidelio: Alterative characters with extravagant swashes make Fidelio a playground for the logo designer (Image credit: Bauer Types)
  2. Baskerville.
  3. Caslon Graphique.
  4. Bellissima Script.
  5. American Typewriter.
  6. Maelstrom Sans.
  7. History.
  8. Bisect.

Can you curve text in Cricut Design Space app?

Tap on the text your want to curve. Then place your finger or pen and slide the black options box to the left. This exposes the “Curve” Option. When you are done curving text it is time to save it as a PNG file so you can upload it into Cricut Design Space.

What order do circle monograms go in?

If all the letters are the same size (also known as block), initials are ordered like your name: first, middle and last. If the monogram features a larger center initial, the ordering is always first name, last name, and middle name.

Can a monogram be one letter?

Typically, a single letter monogram and most commonly the first letter of the couple’s last name is used on items such as napkins, towels and barware. For an individual, the first letter of the first name or last name is also appropriate.

What is the monogram font called on Cricut?

There are all kinds of fonts you can use for monograms. For the swirly classical monograms I use the font called Monogram KK. You can find this font on and it’s free for personal use. If you’re not sure how to download fonts to use them in design space see my post on text editing tips here.