How do I prepare for an English HSC extension?

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How do I prepare for an English HSC extension?

Practice Essay Questions (Elective Module)

  1. Ask your teacher. Many teachers would have formed practice questions for this very reason.
  2. Ask you friends. Form a study group and have each person form a few questions from the rubric.
  3. Make up your own from the rubric. Use the NESA released practice paper as a guide.

How long is the extension English HSC exam?

English Extension 1 has a two-hour examination (plus 5 minutes reading time). Students answer two questions relating to the module or elective they have studied, each marked out of 25 and allocated approximately one hour of writing.

Does Extension 2 English have an exam?

English Extension 2 HSC Examination Specifications The examination will consist of a Major Work worth 40 marks and a Reflection Statement worth 10 marks.

How can I succeed in advanced English?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help, here are 7 must dos for the HSC English ADV Exams.

  1. Don’t Memorise – but be Strategic.
  2. Create a Schedule.
  3. Learn How You Learn.
  4. Practise Your Writing.
  5. Collect Feedback.
  6. Know Your Syllabus.
  7. Know What You Face.

How can I learn advanced English?

Consistent and targeted preparation is the key to conquering two of the most daunting trial exams, English Advanced Paper 1 and Paper 2.

  1. Know Exactly What is Being Tested in Your Trial Exam.
  2. Make Concise Study Notes.
  3. Practise Adapting Your Material.
  4. Get the Trial HSC exam practice you need.
  5. Learn From Your Practice Papers.

What is an E4 in extension English?

Each Extension course is divided into 4 bands: Band E4 = 45 – 50 marks. Band E3 = 35 – 44 marks.

Is it worth doing extension English?

It’s worth 50% of your HSC exam mark, so it’s pretty important. Unlike Advanced English, English Extension 1 does have a fairly proportional focus on analytical and creative writing, and you’ll definitely be developing your creative skills in class.