How do I program my Aastra phone?

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How do I program my Aastra phone?

With the Aastra 675xi phones, you have the ability to program up to nine speed-dial numbers into the keypad of the phone. Once a keypad speed dial entry is programmed, you simply hold down the number on the keypad for three seconds and the number will be dialed.

How do I delete missed calls on my Aastra phone?

  1. 166. Missed Calls Indicator.
  2. Press Callers List key on the phone. or.
  3. Use the. keys to scroll through the line items in the Callers List to find the line items that have the.
  4. To clear a line item from the Callers List, select the line item you want to delete and press the Clear softkey.
  5. Callers List.
  6. Services Key.

How do I connect my phone to an Aastra speaker?

Switch to a handsfree call

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Dial a phone number.
  3. After the call is answered, press Mute.
  4. Hang up the handset. You are now on Speakerphone.
  5. When the call is over, press the Goodbye key.

How can I hard reset my Aastra 6731i?

Enter password (typically 123) and press Enter (right arrow button under display). Options list should be displayed. Phone will reset after a few seconds and will reboot with factory default settings.

How do I take my phone off an Aastra speaker?

You can use the ‘Mute’ button to mute the handset, headset, or speakerphone. The speaker light flashes slowly and you can hear the caller, but they cannot hear you. To switch mute on or off, simply press the ‘Mute’ button for each request.

How do I check my missed calls on Aastra?

Missed Call Notification When a call rings your phone and isn’t answered you will see a message in the center of your display “Missed Call” 1. To view missed calls press the CallList soft key. 2. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the list.

How do you delete messages on a Aastra phone?

Press the ‘Goodbye’ key or the ‘Redial’ key to cancel. You cannot delete individual entries in the redial list. To Delete ALL items in the redial list: Press the ‘Redial’ button Press the ‘Delete’ key, then press the ‘Delete’ key again at the prompt to erase all items.