How do I reset my stair lift?

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How do I reset my stair lift?

To reset, turn the power switch off (located on the stairlift) for 30 seconds (see page 16). Batteries low (17 volts or less) re charge batteries. Try a reset. If this does not clear the display and the lift fails to operate, call your ACORN representative for further instructions.

Why does my Stannah stairlift keep stopping?

When a stairlift keeps stopping and starting every few inches it’s nearly always the batteries. They’ve completely drained and can no longer be re-charged so need replacing by an engineer. We supply and fit these at a cost, or cover them under our 12 month maintenance contract.

Where is the power key on Stannah stairlift?

One (3) Power key The keyhole is on the underside of the chair arm. The key must be inserted and turned to the on position before the stairlift will work.

How do I stop my Stannah stairlift from beeping?

Check the wall switch is on. Check that the power has not tripped. Check the stairlift is parked correctly at the top or bottom of the stairs. If you have checked these things and your stairlift continues to beep switch your stairlift off and call your local branch.

Why has my stair lift stopped working?

Check if the power supply of the stair lift is plugged into a working outlet. If it’s a switched outlet, make sure the switch is in the on position. If the outlet has a ground-fault circuit interrupter, check if the GFCI needs to be reset. Check to see if a circuit breaker has been tripped.

Why is my stairlift not moving?

If your stairlift isn’t moving, firstly check it is receiving power: double-check the on/off switch and the master power switch, then turn the key from the off to the on position. Next, check that the chair is swivelled fully to its travelling position and ensure nothing obstructs the safety edges.

How do you reset a handicare stairlift?

NOTE: If the display is showing anything but the diagnostic codes listed then it requires resetting. To do this, drive the stairlift away from the top or bottom stop. Turn off the power supply at the wall. Turn the main switch on the unit off for 10 seconds and then back on again.

How long does a stairlift last?

around ten years
The average stairlift lasts for around ten years, although regular services and stairlift maintenance will ensure that it lasts longer.

Why does my stairlift keeps beeping?

Most stairlifts will beep to let you know that they are off charge. This to avoid the batteries draining completely leaving you unable to use the stairlift at all. If your stairlift does start to beep, make sure: the stairlift is parked correctly at the top or bottom of the stairs on it’s charge point.

How long do stairlifts last?

What can go wrong with a stairlift?

Toys and other household items can obstruct the path of the stair lift. Check to see if there are any obstructions in the path or footrest. Tap on both sides to confirm whether the footrest is working properly. The lift will stop working if the underpan sensors detect any obstruction in its path.