How do I start a C&F agency?

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How do I start a C&F agency?

You have to create a central office where you have to coordinate all the activities. For initial set up some capital will be required and you may have to go to banks for loan. Meanwhile keep a watch on advertisements by companies seeking C & F agents in certain areas for specific products.

What is C&F agent in pharma?

C&f means carrying and forwarding agency. manufacturing or marketing companies kept their goods at one place and distribute them when the dealers or. wholesalers or customers.

What is C&F agreement?

The C&F Agent will carry out the operations of clearing and forwarding of all products/goods (hereinafter referred to as “Products”) sent by APL, including the receipt of Products, safe unloading of such Products, safe storage, maintenance and upkeep of godown, invoicing and dispatch of these Products systematically as …

What is the difference between the C&F agent and the distributor?

While a commission/sales/trade agent sells product on your behalf that you continue to own and invoice the ultimate customer for, distributors take ownership of the product and sell on to their own customers. The distributor has no authority to create a contract between the supplier and customer.

How can I get CNF?

To convert first-order logic to CNF:

  1. Convert to negation normal form. Eliminate implications and equivalences: repeatedly replace with ; replace with .
  2. Standardize variables.
  3. Skolemize the statement.
  4. Drop all universal quantifiers.
  5. Distribute ORs inwards over ANDs: repeatedly replace with .

How can I start C&F business in Bangladesh?


  1. Authorization Certificate for C&F Agent (original)
  2. Declaration Form (original)
  3. Export Permission (ExP) Form (an attested copy)
  4. VAT Certificate (an attested copy)
  5. Sales Contract (Simple copy + an attested copy)
  6. Salubrity Certificate for Exportable Fish (original)
  7. Packing list (original)

Who is a super stockist?

A Super Stockist ‘stocks goods for a specific kind of sale’. He is also a distributor, who relies on some factors such as time and place. They save items in the form of stocks and then distribute them to particular customers. They store heavy quantities of goods or products.

How can I get medical CnF?

Medicine Wholesale Business Plan: Finalize a premises/shop (Rented/Owned). Make a rent agreement (In case of Rented premises) Contact pharmaceutical companies or CnF for Stockiest ship, wholesale and/or Distribution ship. Finalize all deals with Pharmaceutical Company or CnF.

Do agents own the products they sell?

An agent may represent one or more principals (The term principal is used to describe the manufacturer or supplier of goods or services sold by the sales agent). Agents control their own time and level of sales effort.

What is CNF in shipping?

Cost & Freight
CNF – Cost & Freight (or Cost, no Insurance, Freight). Similar to CIF only this time insurance is not included. If your supplier quoted you a CNF London price, this means that this price includes shipping of the goods via sea freight to London port.