How do you calculate the weight of a weld neck flange?

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How do you calculate the weight of a weld neck flange?

According to ASME B16. 5, the straight length is furnished in 10 mm. Hence the weight of Part I can be calculated by using the weight-calculation formula of pipe: W1 = 0.0246615 * (A – Tk) * Tk * 0.01 Tk – wall thickness of the mating pipe.

When would you need to use a welding neck flange?

Weld neck flanges are used in applications where the conditions are severe and critical. Some of these conditions include high pressure, wide fluctuations in temperature and pressure, high temperature, fluids that are volatile and hazardous, and temperatures in the sub-zero range.

What is long weld neck flange?

A Long Weld Neck Flange is an integral self-reinforcing Flange connection primarily for ASME Pressure Vessel applications. The Long Weld Neck (LWN) Flange was designed to be used in place of a Weld Neck Flange and piece of pipe for a bolt up connection to the vessel.

How do I find my flange weight?

How to calculate the weight of pipe flanges?

  1. Pipe flanges are used to connect pipe sections to other pipe sections, inline components, and equipment.
  2. 1.The materials used to construct a pipe flanges directly relate to the weight and the pressure it can handle.
  3. Pipe flanges volume=π/4*A1*A1-B1*B1-D1*C1*C1)*C(mm)

How much does a 24 inch flange weight?

ANSI B16. 5 – ½” – 24” Forged Flanges Weight Chart

Nominal Pipe Size Slip On Blind
18 130 220
20 165 285
22 185 355
24 220 430

How does a weld neck flange work?

These pipe flanges attach by welding the pipe to the neck of the flange. This transfers stress from the flange to the pipe instead. It also reduces the stress concentration from the base of the hub. Weld neck flanges are often used for applications where high pressure is a factor.

How much does a 36 inch blind flange weight?

Flange – Blind, ANSI Class 150, B16. 47 Series B, RF (in)

Pipe Size (NPS) Outside Diameter of Flange A Approx Weight (lb)
30 34 15/16 545
32 37 1/16 650
34 39 9/16 785
36 41 5/8 890