How do you clean an InSinkErator baffle?

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How do you clean an InSinkErator baffle?

If you have an InSinkErator Evolution Series® garbage disposal, every model is equipped with a baffle that can be easily removed and cleaned. The baffle sits in the collar of the disposal. Simply, pull it out, rinse it off, and wipe it clean of any food waste residue.

What is a baffle in a garbage disposal?

The sink baffle installs between the garbage disposal and your sink. It is made from heavy-duty rubber and is designed to keep food particles from splashing from the disposal while it is in use. The baffle also helps to reduce the noise.

Are garbage disposal baffles universal?

Garbage Disposal Splash Guard / Sink Baffle, Fits Insinkerator Disposals and Most Universal 3 1/2 inch Sinks.

Where does the Quiet Collar Sink Baffle go?

To install the Quiet Collar® Sink Baffle, just insert it into the sink hole opening with the “cone-shaped” side facing down. Make sure the groove on the quiet collar is engaging the “lip” on the flange all the way around. This should fit perfectly as long as you’re using the InSinkErator® sink flange.

Why is my InSinkErator leaking?

If the leak is from the dishwasher hose or the drain line, the likely problem is a broken seal between the disposal and any of these lines. The solution is to replace the seal. A disposal that is leaking from the bottom is a big problem because the seals inside the garbage disposal itself are broken.

Do I have to clean my InSinkErator?

Disposers don’t require any maintenance, but occasionally, you can do some cleaning on it if you want, just to minimize any odors that might be happening. Sometimes a little build up of food can be up there and also in the throat of the disposer. I would just rinse this baffle off.

How do you look after an InSinkErator?

To clean your disposer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off your disposer.
  2. Remove the sink baffle and clean the underside of the baffle with a scouring pad.
  3. Place the baffle back in the sinkhole.
  4. Turn on your disposer and run a medium stream of cold water.

Where does the Quiet Collar sink Baffle go?