How do you contact energies?

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How do you contact energies?

Call customer service at 800-242-9137 if you:

  1. Do not want to provide your personal information online.
  2. Are moving to an address where service is off and you want to open an account.

Why is my We Energies bill so high?

Why is your bill so high? There are many reasons why a bill may appear high, including changes in the amount of natural gas you use, the effects of weather on your energy use, and changes in energy prices. When trying to determine why your bill is high, first compare your gas use this year with last year’s use.

How do I reconnect my We Energies service?

After full payment is made, call us at 1-877-743-5950. Have your NPC receipt available. Once payment is verified, we’ll issue a service order to restore service.

How do I file a complaint with WE energy?

You can also report a problem by calling us at 800-662-4797.

What is my We Energies account number?

You have a new, 15-digit number for your account. You will see your new account number starting with your next energy bill. If you need it sooner and are a My Account customer, sign in to obtain your new account number. You also may contact us at 800-242-9137.

Is there an app for We Energies?

Introducing. the We Energies app that puts you in control Our new app gives you the power to get customized alerts, view and manage your account, pay bills quickly and much more – from anywhere.

What is a disconnect order?

A Disconnect Firm Order Commitment (DFOC), also known as a disconnect firm order confirmation, is a step that data center customers must complete in writing that includes providing essential information in order to disconnect service.

Can I pay my We Energies with a credit card?

With Quick Payment, you can pay your We Energies bill with your credit card, debit card or checking account. The service fee is charged by BillMatrix, our third-party service provider, for the processing of your Quick Payment.

What does WEC energy stand for?

Wisconsin Electric Power
Wisconsin. We Energies, the umbrella name for Wisconsin Electric Power and Wisconsin Gas, provides electricity and natural gas to customers in Wisconsin.