How do you document an IV site?

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How do you document an IV site?

When inserting an I.V. device, document:

  1. date and time of insertion.
  2. the type, length, and gauge of the catheter inserted.
  3. the name of the vein cannulated.
  4. number and location of attempts.
  5. the type of dressing applied to the site.
  6. how the patient tolerated the procedure.
  7. your name and credentials.

How do you describe an IV site?

Assess the IV insertion site and transparent dressing on IV site. Check IV insertion site for signs and symptoms of phlebitis or infection. Check for fluid leaking, redness, pain, tenderness, and swelling. IV site should be free from pain, tenderness, redness, or swelling.

How do you document IV administration of medication?

Always label the IV syringe with the patient name, date, time, medication, concentration of the dose, dose, and your initials. Once the medication is prepared, never leave it unattended.

What is IV in nursing?

An infusion nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in the administration of medications and fluids through an intravenous (IV) line, central line, or venous access port. They can work as a resource to a hospital by starting lines and training new nurses in obtaining and maintaining IV access.

How long does it take for an IV site to heal?

Once the tube has been placed, the IV site shouldn’t hurt, sting, or burn. When the IV procedure is completed, some swelling and bruising at the site are common and not cause for concern. Most IV sites heal quickly in a few days.

How do you administer IV direct?

With standard IV administration, a needle is usually inserted into a vein in your wrist, elbow, or the back of your hand. The catheter is then pushed over the needle. The needle is removed, and the catheter remains in your vein. All IV catheters are typically given in a hospital or clinic.

How long is IV push?

Administration over 5 minutes or less are listed as IV push, while administration over longer durations of time (eg, over 5-10 minutes) are listed as slow IV injection; however, specific administration times are provided.

Can I bend my arm with an IV?

What activities can I do with an IV? After the IV is put in, there is no needle left in your vein. The tube is held in your vein with tape. You can move your arm and hand being careful as you move.

What should be included in an IV site report?

V. IV sites should be assessed and findings documented at least BID in appropriate nursing documentation. Documentation should include; blood return, patency, appearance of site and for central lines length of catheters

Can a nurse monitor an IV insertion site?

IV site is without swelling or redness, will continue to monitor. Specializes in Infusion Nursing, Home Health Infusion. Has 32 years experience. According to the INS guidelines all of these things need to be included.

What are the nursing observations during IV therapy?

Other nursing assessment observations that are important during IV therapy include: Close monitoring of weight gain/loss Accurate I and O (normal urine output is approximately 1 Ml / Kg of body wt. per hour) Assessing for signs of edema (skin that is tight and shiny)

What is an example of an IV insertion?

Example: “patient’s id verified by hospital id bracelet. Reason for procedure is medication administration. Procedure performed at 0900 hrs. Site was cleaned and prepared with appropriate topical cleansing agent. Size of catheter is 20g placed in the right forearm in 1 attempt.