How do you get Hawke armor?

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How do you get Hawke armor?

The Mantle of the Champion is Hawke’s signature equipment in Dragon Age II. This variant of the armor can only be obtained by playing a mage; like the rogue and warrior versions, the locations of the armor remain unaffected by Hawke’s class.

Is Hawke canonically a mage?

The Hawke from the trailer is indeed a human mage and it’s clear people at Bioware saw him as a mage first (just like the warden in DAO is a human warrior).

Can you change Companion Armor Dragon Age 2?

In Dragon Age II, the player has little control over what armor Hawke’s companions wear. Even though companion armor can be customized with a number of upgrades and may change appearance depending on certain story choices, it cannot be replaced or unequipped.

Where do I get the mantle of the champion?

Acquired from Grace on the Wounded Coast during Best Served Cold. Acquired at beginning of Act 3. Looted from the High Dragon in The Bone Pit during Mine Massacre.

Is Hawke a blood mage?

It was especially jarring for me, since in my imported DA2 playthrough, Hawke WAS a blood mage. It seems like they could have made that import-dependent. Specializations aren’t stored in the Keep, but romance options are.

What kind of mage is Hawke?

Warrior or Rogue. Hawke being an apostate mage and a refugee in an area where the Templars are heavily cracking down on Mages takes me out of the game. Hawke should have taken by force to the Circle or have been on the run from the Templars after Act 2.

How do you get full champion armor Botw?

The Champion’s Tunic is obtained from Impa in Kakariko Village after Link relives one of his Recovered Memories. The Champion’s Tunic mirrors the signature blue cloth worn by the other Champions, which are decorated with the symbol of the respective tool each Champion must wield against Calamity Ganon.

Where is the Tower of Ascension?

the Ice Canyon
The Tower of Ascension is a 7 floor tower for levels 40-100, part of the Tower of Ascension quest begun at the NPC Ankou. The tower is located in the Ice Canyon. Every floor has 10 rooms with increasingly strong mobs. At the end of each floor, in the 10th room, you have to defeat a boss, with the final one being Death.