How do you get the dubstep gun in Saints Row 4?

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How do you get the dubstep gun in Saints Row 4?

The Dubstep Gun can first be unlocked after the seventh mission The Real World. Accept Keith David’s mission in the sidequest menu, Campaign Trail of Destruction. It can also be unlocked after the story mission Hello Teacup, but that is not until late in the game.

Which Saints Row has the dubstep gun?

Saints Row IV
Dubstep Gun is a weapon in Saints Row IV. It’s a party in a gun!…Wiki Targeted (Games)

Dubstep Gun
Used By Playa
Appears in Saints Row IV

How do you get the dubstep gun in Saints Row re elected?

The Dubstep Gun is one of the first special weapons that can be unlocked during the course of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. Players will only have to play through the seventh mission of the game “The Real World” to gain access. This unlocks Vice President Keith David (yes the actor) on the ship.

When was Saints Row 4 released?

August 20, 2013
Saints Row IV/Initial release dates

Saints Row IV was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in North America on August 20, 2013, and worldwide on three days later.

Is Saints Row 5 confirmed?

Saints Row 5 Officially Confirmed, Will Be A Reboot.

Does Saints Row 4 have cheats?

In Saints Row IV, Cheats are entered through the Hub under Extras > Cheats > Add Cheat.

What is the dubstep gun DLC for Saints Row?

The Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) is a weapon in the Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack DLC for Saints Row IV . Take a bullet-laden trip through musical history!

How big is the dubstep gun DLC pack?

Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack Game Saints Row IV Released 2013-09-03 Cost USD $2.99 GBP £2.49 File Size 30.79 MB Weapons Yes

What kind of costume is da wub from Saints Row?

The “Industrial” costume is dark grey and the track is a heavier remix of A Bass Renaissance by Malcolm Kirby Jr. The “Popstar” costume plays the electro track Vindicate by Datsik and Excision, which is also played on 97.6 K12 FM. The “Da Wub” costume from the mission Hello Teacup plays Duel by Bare Noize.

What kind of song does the dubstep gun play?

The Classical costume plays the song Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner. The Oktoberfest costume plays a German themed Oktoberfest track, resembling polka. The Swingtime costume plays the song Swinging By by Laurence Cottle. No ammo is required for the gun (it recharges its ammunition).