How do you get to the hostages in Deus Ex Human Revolution?

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How do you get to the hostages in Deus Ex Human Revolution?

Secure the hostages On the far side of Lab 1 is another set of stairs leading up to an office where the hostages are located. If Jensen enters through the doorways, the bomb countdown will trigger in which Jensen will have very little time to disarm the bomb.

Can you save Keitner Deus Ex?

Netanya is notable as the only named character in the DLC that must die; other than the dead men surrounding her that she killed trying to get to Jensen, Burke can be spared, Quinn only fakes his death and both Dr. Kavanagh and the prisoners can both be saved through the All of the Above achievement/trophy.

Can I save Nina Sullivan?

Nina Sullivan is a character from The Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If Jensen succeeds in saving the prisoners at the Rifleman Bank Station, Nina Sullivan may be found surviving in one of the prison cells (the third floor of the cells, near the interrogation wing entrance).

Can I run it Human Revolution?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Minimum PC Specs: OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with DirectX 9.0c. PROCESSOR: 2 GHz dual core. RAM: 1 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7) GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series or ATI Radeon HD 2000 series or better.

Do choices matter in Deus Ex mankind divided?

Speaking with IGN, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided producer Olivier Proulx from Eidos Montreal explained that choices and player agency in the upcoming game are very important and handled in ways that have unique results sprinkled throughout the play experience.

How long is The Missing Link DLC?

It was hard to screw around with different augments, knowing the consequences would stick around for 20-40 hours. But with a manageable (but long!) 5-8 hours worth of content in “The Missing Link”, it’s easier to commit to a bad decision — or start over entirely.

How long is Deus Ex The Missing Link?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 102 4h 46m
Main + Extras 178 6h 02m
Completionists 100 7h 33m
All PlayStyles 380 6h 05m

How do I get Zeke to let Josie go?

Rescue Josie Thorpe

  1. Non-lethal methods include a headshot with the tranquilizer rifle, the stun gun, or shooting him in a non-critical part of the body with any weapon to interrupt his execution before using takedown.
  2. You can also attempt to convince Zeke to let Josie go by choosing “Try to free Josie”.