How do you level up brave burst in brave frontier?

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How do you level up brave burst in brave frontier?

The Brave Burst or BB Level is raised when you fuse monsters of the same type. What you will have to do is to look at the Brave Burst type of the two character cards to make the decision. The BB leveling chance decreases significantly as you go up in level.

How do I use extra skill brave frontier?

An Extra Skill is a skill (similar to Leader Skills) that can be obtained by 7 Stars in BF. Unlike Leader Skills, which like the name says needs the said unit to be a Leader, Extra Skills can be used at any position in your team (Leader or not doesn’t matter).

What happens when you gain a level in Brave Frontier?

Gaining levels increases your max Energy, Unit Cost and Friend capacity (up to 50.) When gaining a level, energy, arena orbs and raid orbs are replenished. To view your current XP, at the home page, press and hold the top of the screen. At Level 999, energy recharge rate becomes doubled, granting 2 Energy every 3 minutes.

How many units can you have in a squad in Brave Frontier?

Brave Frontier Unit Guide: Squads Squads are groups of units that you use for quests. You can have up to 10 squads of 5 units each. As you can only use one squad at a time, a unit can be in multiple squads at once.

How much energy does a Brave Frontier player have?

Player Level Level Energy Cost Friends Exp to Next 1 15 100 10 20 2 16 102 10 40 3 16 104 11 70 4 16 106 11 110

How do you sort units in Brave Frontier?

Rarity – Sort units by Rarity. Higher rarity units will appear at the top. Cost – Sort units by deployment cost. Higher cost units will appear at the top. HP – Sort units by HP. Higher HP units will appear at the top. Attack – Sort units by Attack. Higher Atk units will appear at the top. Defense – Sort units by Defense.