How do you measure a drive belt?

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How do you measure a drive belt?

Use a cloth measuring tape (not a steel one) and wrap it around the outside of the belt. You also use a thin string to take this measurement and place it on a steel tape to get the correct length. Next, for “A” Belts (1/2” width) subtract two-inches from the outside measurement to select the correct V-belt.

How is a Dayco belt measured?

Carefully centre the belt and pull down on the movable pulley until the belt is taut. Pull the belt as tight as possible for a good reading. On the scale underneath the moveable pulley, the outer lines on the blue plastic will indicate the length of the belt in millimetres and inches.

What is the width of a 5L belt?

0.65625 inches

Belt Cross Section 5L
Trade Size 5L270
UNSPSC Code 26111801
UPC 034494252706
Width 0.65625 inches

What are V belt sizes?

V-Belt Dimensions

V-Belt Type Top Width Height
A 1/2″ 5/16″
B 5/8″ 13/32″
3VX 3/8″ 21/64″
5VX 5/8″ 35/64″

How do you read a gate belt number?

First digit in Gates number corresponds to first two digits of industry standard number. Belt length is to the nearest tenth of an inch. Example: 2450 = 4L450 Belt has 1/2” top width and 45.0” O.C. First two digits indicate belt top width.

How do you measure belt width?

Belt width: Measure the width of the belt by placing the measuring tape above the last belt hole and pulling down to the end of the belt below the last belt hole. Belt length: Measure from the far end of the belt buckle across to the far end of the belt past all of the belt holes.

What are the types of v belt?

There are three common V belt types: Classical V-belt (classified by their dimensions from A to E), Narrow V series (classified by their dimensions 3V, 5V, and 8V), and light duty Fractional Horsepower belt (classified by their dimensions 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L).

What’s the best way to measure a belt?

An additional option is to wrap a small diameter string/rope around the belt, then measure the length of the string. When measuring be sure to have the belt under slight tension and the cloth tape measure is tightly against the back of the belt.

What kind of belt measuring gauge does Dayco use?

Easily attaches to the Dayco Factfinder Gauge III for accurate measurement of larger sized v-belts and multi-ribbed belts and quick identification of corresponding Dayco replacement sizes.

How to measure turntable and audio tape player drive belts?

EXAMPLE: You measure 25″ on your turntable with a string…..we will recommend a 23.6″ belt, NOT a 25″ belt as there must be some tension for your belt to work. Also, if you multiply your string length by 0.95 and 0.97 then you can find a replacement yourself by size description .

How big is a Dayco multi ribbed belt?

A quick check shows the top width and length/part number of the corresponding Dayco FHP Utility V-Belt or GPL Premium Utility Belt, Industrial A and B Belts, plus 3VX and 5VX Dayco Gold Label® VX-Wedge Belts. Measures all multi-ribbed belts (competitive or OEM) up 115” in effective length and indicates the corresponding Dayco replacement belt size.