How do you reset a Procurve 2610 24?

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How do you reset a Procurve 2610 24?

To execute the factory default reset on the switch, perform these steps:

  1. Using pointed objects, simultaneously press both the Reset and Clear buttons on the front of the switch.
  2. Continue to press the Clear button while releasing the Reset button.
  3. When the Self Test LED begins to blink, release the Clear button.

How do I reset my Procurve Switch to factory settings?

What is HP limited lifetime warranty?

Limited lifetime warranty (where applicable) extends only for as long as the original end user owns the product and is Page 5 limited to five (5) years from the end of sale date. This warranty includes coverage of any built-in fans and power supplies for the entire warranty period.

What does HP ProCurve 1800-24g network switch do?

In comparison to unmanaged switches, the ProCurve 1800-24G enables increased network capabilities and control with support for fundamental networking protocols such as trunking and VLANs. Its configuration is conveniently managed via a built-in intuitive web interface.

Is the HP ProCurve Ethernet switch silent or fanless?

Totally silent 24-port Gigabit Ethernet network switch with lifetime warranty. The ProCurve Switch 1800-24G is a Gigabit, fanless, web-managed switch that is ideal for deployment in open offices or homes that require silent operation.

How can I change the mode of my HP ProCurve switch?

The operation of this LED is controlled by the LED Mode Select button on the switch panel, and the current selection is indicated by the mode indicator LEDs near the button. Press the button to change from one mode to the next.

What kind of cable do I need for my ProCurve switch?

Becau se the RJ-45 ports support automatic MDI/MDI-X operation, you can use stra ight-through cables for all network connections to PCs or servers, or to other switches or hubs. Dual-personality ports use either the 10 /100/1000Base-T RJ-45 connector, or a supported ProCurve mini-GBIC for fiber-optic connections.