How do you use FFS in a sentence?

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How do you use FFS in a sentence?

In the US, FFS is the main payment method. No US state had attempted to do away with FFS. He helped design the original Berkeley Fast File System ( FFS ). The FFS was tested, but not put in production.

What does ffs mean in wattpad?

(F/f) favorite food.

What does FSS stand for?


Acronym Definition
FSS Financial Shared Services
FSS Federal Specifications and Standards
FSS Family Social Support
FSS Foundation Stock Service

What does SMH mean in slang text?

shaking my head
SMH stands for “shaking my head.”

What does FFS smile mean?

abbreviation for. the taboo expression ‘for fuck’s sake’: used esp in social media, text messages, etc to indicate irritation.

What does y s/n mean in wattpad?

Y/N is a genre of fanfiction, common in Tumblr, Wattpad and Twitter imagines in younger fandoms, where the writer lets the reader insert themselves into the story: “Y/N” (or “(YN)” and other variations) is meant to be replaced by the reader’s name while reading.

What does FF mean in texting?

What Does the Abbreviation “FF” Mean? FF is an abbreviation for “Follow Friday”, a term that is widely used on a few social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. People use it mainly on social media, but it can also be found in texting, email, online chat, etc.

What is the difference between SMH and FFS?

It should be noted that “SMH” itself is the base form of the term; sometimes it’s modified with the addition of a D (“shaking my damn head”), an F (“shaking my fucking head,”) and so on. FFS is an acronym used mostly online that means for fuck’s sake, an expression of annoyance, disbelief, or exasperation. It is similar to “are you serious?”

What does FFS stand for in social media?

FFS (“for f***’s sake”) is an acronym that angry gamers and social media users employ to express annoyance, disappointment, and/or frustration. Saying FFS is the same as saying “I can’t believe this” or ” WTH .”

What does SMH stand for in text messages?

If you’ve been online or received a text message with SMH used in it, don’t let it confuse you. It’s a popular online acronym used in social media posts or in text messages to express the physical body language of “shaking my head” in resignation, disappointment, disagreement, frustration, or disbelief.

What does SMH mean in Roblox ” keyword found websites?

SMH on Roblox is an acronym for Shaking my head. SMH can also mean Stupid Minded Humans or So Much Hate. This acronym is used mostly to express extreme disdain when words alone cannot express how stupid something is. SMH is an Internet acronym and it is best to use SMH only in textual conversation.