How do you use regarding?

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How do you use regarding?

Regarding is defined as in reference to. An example of regarding used as a preposition is the phrase “the letter regarding summer vacation,” which means the letter about summer vacation. Concerning, respecting.

What does re means in email?


What does re means in a formal letter?


What does re mean in text?

about, concerning, regarding

What does GG mean sexually?

Game and Giving

What does WBME mean?

Winning Bridge Mobile Edition

Is Re formal?

Senior Member. “Re” has nothing to do with replies. The most formal letters have no subject line whatsoever, so I’m not sure what level of formality you’re asking about. But I would consider “Re” both more common and more formal than “Subject.”

Does re need a colon?

It isn’t actually an abbreviation, it is a word! So you can use it just as if you were using ‘regarding’ or ‘about’ – if you would use a colon in the context where you wrote regarding, then use a colon after re. But if you would just continue the sentence without punctuation after regarding, then do the same after re.

Is Re in return a prefix?

TheRE and Back Again Today we will focus on the prefix re-, which can mean “back” or “again.” Prefixes are morphemes which begin words, attaching to a word’s main part, the “root” or “stem.” For instance, in the word return, re- is the prefix, and “turn” is the root or stem.

Does realize have a prefix?

The word ‘unhappy’ has the prefix ‘un-‘….VerbMeaningrealize/realiseIf you realize something, you become aware of it.4

Does remember have a prefix?

You can take ‘re’ off ‘remember’ to get an English word, but the combination ‘re + member’ makes no sense in English. ‘Resign’ can be split, but the two parts don’t add up to the meaning; in fact you can add the prefix to ‘sign’ to get the word ‘re-sign’, with a completely different meaning.

Does reduce have a prefix?

Prefix de means reduce or remove, root congest means overcrowd, and suffix ant makes it noun.

What is reduce and example?

To reduce is to make something smaller or to become or feel smaller, or forcing someone into a less desirable position. When you sell off half of your doll collection, your actions are an example of reduce. An example of reduce is when your stomach gets smaller because you are on a diet; your stomach reduces.

What is a good sentence for reduce?

The medicine reduces the risk of infection. We are trying to reduce our debt. Stricter speed limit enforcement has reduced the number of car accidents. Her prison sentence was reduced from 15 years to 10.