How does GV Gold class work?

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How does GV Gold class work?

Only available at GV Suntec City, this WFH package ($15) gives you access to their Gold Class Lounge (aka your new co-working space) from 12pm to 6pm (Mon to Fri only), wi-fi, a complimentary cup of coffee or tea, free-flow drinking water, and a box of regular popcorn (you are in a cinema, after all).

What is the difference between gold class express and gold class?

Gold Class Express offers a luxurious cinematic experience with plush leatherette electronic recliner seats, similar to our iconic Gold Class cinemas, but at an enticing price point. Only difference — you simply pre-order food and drinks via the Gold Class Express ordering feature in the iGV mobile app!

What is the difference between gold class and normal?

Vmax has a bigger screen and generally better sound. But the gold class is a smaller cinema so you’re much closer to the screen and most of them has Dolby atmos now so the sound is on par. Plus food service and fully reclining seats. Vmax is for mates, Gold class is for dates.

Does Gold Class come with food?

Does the golden village gold class include food? Yes, it does! You can go to the lounge to have your meals! Or if you are at your seat, you can order from your phone app!

What does gold class include?

Gold Class is the ultimate world of cinema luxury. With exclusive lounge access, wall to wall screens, in-seat service and fully reclining seats, get the star treatment today. Arrive early to access our exclusive Gold Class lounge and enjoy a drink before the film.

Do you get free popcorn in gold class?

I’ve been going to Event Cinema gold class for a while now and decided to give Lux at Broadway a go on the weekend and I’m so glad I did. It was a fantastic experience right from the start. You get free soft drink, popcorn and the seats have a light and a call button – those little touches make a huge difference!

How do I redeem my gold class voucher online?

Voucher can be redeemed online at or at the ticket box for movie sessions at participating Village Cinemas locations*. Vouchers cannot be redeemed until 24 hours after purchase. Seating is subject to availability. Please redeem the voucher for a seat to your selected movie session.

How much is a gold class ticket?

Event Cinemas Prices

Senior $28.00 – $32.00
Gold Class (evening)
Child $38.00 – $42.00
Adult $38.00 – $42.00

Is there an age limit for gold class?

As Gold Class sites are licensed venues, patrons under 18 years of age cannot enter the Gold Class area without a parent or guardian. A guardian means a parent (including a step-parent) or legal guardian of the minor.

What does gold class get you?

What is better lux or gold class?

Hoyts Lux is relatively new compared with Event Gold Class but nonetheless provides a stunning premium luxury cinematic experience. Think delicious food and fine wine combined with cutting edge sound and visuals.

Where can I buy GV gold class movie tickets?

GV Gold Class Movie Vouchers & Wine & Dine vouchers are available for sales at GV Grand, GV Vivocity,GV Katong and GV Suntec City Box Office. 2. Please note that Movie Vouchers are not valid for Premium-priced films (eg. 3D Films, etc), group bookings, film marathons, film festivals, premieres and with any promotion.

Which is the best seat in GV gold class Katong?

Seat tips: The Middle front seats have the best view! If you are going as a couple, you will be granted your own personal space. If you are heading with younger kids. Do make sure they are of age to behave else they may cause a ruckus in this serene set up, especially if they are sitting on their own.

How is Gold Class express at GV Funan?

At the new Gold Class Express hall, movie goers will be able to get the Gold Class experience at a more affordable price point. Along with 32 plush, leatherette seats that are both electronic and reclinable, viewers will also be able to pre-order food and drinks prior to the film via the revamped iGV mobile app.

How many screens are in Golden Village Gold Class?

It was so much more than that. Promising an immersive and exclusive movie experience, GV’s Gold Class is well-worth the money and truly a #treatyoself. To date, Golden Village (GV) has 11 state-of-the-art multiplexes housing 92 screens at prime locations around Singapore.