How is a Quadpot calculated?

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How is a Quadpot calculated?

To calculate your total Quadpot lines, multiply the number of them you have in race 1 by the number of lines in race 2, then multiply the answer by the amount of lines in race 3 and finally multiply the answer by the amount of lines in the fourth race of the Quadpot.

How do you win on a Quadpot?

To win a share of the Quadpot pool you have to find a horse to place in races three, four, five and six at any given meeting. The number of places on offer in each race depend on the number of runners. For races of four horses or less, only the winner will do. Races with five to seven runners see the top two place.

How much is a Quadpot bet?

A Quadpot is operated at every meeting in the UK and it takes place on the third to sixth races on the card. The aim is to pick a horse that will be placed in each one of these races, according to the placing rules stated in the Tote Place section above. The minimum bet is 10p.

How do you calculate Tote Placepot returns?

To work out how much you have won, multiply your stake per line by the amount of winning lines you have. Your winnings will then be either that percentage of the published £1-stake winnings or a multiple of the published dividend.

Is a Quadpot each way?

The Jackpot requires you to select a winner in all six races of the horse racing meeting – a very hard task! The Placepot is much easier only required to get the horse in an each-way bet placed finishing position. The Quadpot is even easier as requires placed finishes in only the last four races.

Are Placepots profitable?

Are Placepots profitable? Although Placepots are first and foremost considered a pool bet that gives a lot of fun for a small investment, they can be profitable in the long term.

What happens if you have a non runner in a Quadpot?

If any horse you select for your Placepot bet is a non-runner, your stake will be placed on the SP favourite – the horse that starts the race as the favourite. If there are joint or co-favourites, then your money will go on to the favourite with the lowest saddlecloth number.

What happens to a non runner in a Quadpot?

When it comes to non-runners, as in a placepot your bet will be swapped for the favourite. If it’s a tie between two favs then you get the one with the lower racecard number. If the favourite already appears on your selection list then you get a double up on that particular choice.

What is the minimum bet on the tote?

The Tote Place bet is one in which you back a single horse to place in a race with a minimum stake of 50p, and your selection must win or place for a return.

How is the Tote Quadpot different from the Placepot?

The tote Quadpot is similar to the tote placepot except that you are required to pick the placed horses in the four relevant races, which differs from the placepot where the requirement is to select the placed horses in the six placepot races.

Can You bet on totequadpot with totesport?

Betting totequadpot with Totesport allows you to take advantage or their 10% tote betting cashback. Totsport also offer free bets of �25 for all new customers. Totepool Tote Quadpot online betting guide. We use cookies to provide statistics that help give you the best experience of our site.

What do you need to win the Tote Placepot?

To win the Placepot you just need to have a horse placed in the first six races at any meeting. How many places are on offer depends on how many runners are in a race and the same terms apply to the Tote Place pool.

When do I get my tote Quadpot dividends?

Tote Quadpot Results Archive and Totepool Dividends Tote Quadpot Dividends – Thursday, 19th December 2019 Tote Quadpot Dividends – Wednesday, 18th December 2019 Tote Quadpot Dividends – Tuesday, 17th December 2019 Tote Quadpot Dividends – Monday, 16th December 2019 Tote Quadpot Dividends – Sunday, 15th December 2019