How is Metin2 still alive?

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How is Metin2 still alive?

The fact is Metin2 is still living because the game forces players to be social and to build a community, an economy, and even social circles in-game.

How much gb is Metin2?

Storage: 6 GB available space. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.

Who created Metin2?

Metin2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) originally developed by Ymir Entertainment (now owned by Webzen Games) and originally released in Korea in 2004. It has since been published in many European countries and in the United States by Gameforge 4D GmbH.

Is Metin2 pay to win?

There is absolutely no content in this game that REQUIRES you to spend real money. EVERYTHING in this game is accessable for F2P players, the only thing that’s different is that it takes (much) more time for them to achieve it.

Is Metin free?

About Metin2 Released in 2004, Metin 2 is a classic free to play 3D MMORPG with a retro feel to it. In Metin 2, you have the choose between five classes, Warrior, Ninja, Sura, Wolfman or Shaman.

Can I run Metin2?

To play Metin2 you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i5-4400E. Metin2 will run on PC system with Windows 7 and upwards….Can I Run Metin2?

Developer : WEBZEN Inc.
Publisher : Gameforge 4D GmbH
Categories : Action RPG Adventure
Metin2 Release Date : 8th of May 2017

How many players play Metin2?


Month Avg. Players Gain
December 2020 1,043.8 +131.8
November 2020 912.0 +177.4
October 2020 734.6 +91.7
September 2020 642.9 +93.2

How many players play metin2?

What does the name Metin mean?

The name Metin is primarily a male name of Turkish origin that means Strong.