How long do zirconia dental implants last?

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How long do zirconia dental implants last?

Whereas titanium dental implants have been extensively studied for decades, producing reliable data on their long-term use, studies into zirconia dental implants only assess two or three-year survival rates.

How much is a zirconia implant?

Cost – The cost to manufacture zirconia (think cubic zirconia jewelry) is higher than titanium so zirconia implants will cost patients more money. The cost to the dentist for a Titanium implant is typically between $300 and $500, whereas Zirconia implants range between $500 and $600.

How much do Straumann dental implants cost?


Regular Special
USD $1,150 $785
MXP $22,000 $15,000
USD $950 $700
MXP $18,500 $13,500

How long do Straumann implants last?

“If treated correctly, dental implants can last from ten to twenty five years or more.”

How did Straumann come up with ceramic implants?

Without compromising on esthetics, reliability and the most natural choice of material. The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System is the result of more than 12 years of relentless research and development until the ceramic implant complied with our premium quality standards.

What is the Straumann BLX dental implant system?

The Straumann® Dental Implant System was designed on the basis of simplicity and freedom of choice. One system with one kit can be used for all indications and a unique portfolio of different materials and surfaces, including groundbreaking technologies such as Roxolid® and SLActive®. Straumann® BLX Implant System

What is the purpose of Straumann Emdogain gel?

Straumann® Emdogain® is a unique gel containing enamel matrix derivative. This mixture of natural proteins can induce biological processes that usually take place during the development of the periodontium and may stimulate certain cells involved in the healing process of soft and hard tissues.

Who is the leader in ceramic dental implants?

Z-Systems, a Swiss-based international leader in ceramic dental implant systems with over 60’000 implants placed since 2004, and Straumann join forces to offer a versatile and reliable system that dentist can trust for their aesthetics cases.