How long does it take to recover from mandibular tori removal?

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How long does it take to recover from mandibular tori removal?

Laser tori removal sees an average full recovery time of about two weeks. Traditional surgical removal recovery may take a month or more.

How do you get rid of Torus Palatinus?

Surgery can be performed under a local anesthetic. Your surgeon will typically be a maxillofacial surgeon — someone who specializes in neck, face, and jaw surgery. They’ll make an incision down the middle of the hard palate and remove the excess bone before closing the opening with sutures.

How long does pain last after Tori removal?

After roughly a week, most of the pain from your tori removal should subside. Directly following your procedure expect some swelling. Your surgeon might prescribe you some pain management or suggest over-the-counter pain medication. You may also be advised to rinse your mouth out with saltwater.

How do you shrink a mandibular tori?

There are two ways to remove mandibular tori: traditional surgery and laser surgery. In traditional mandibular tori removal, patients are placed under general anesthesia. The oral surgeon then removes the tori with a scalpel. Laser surgery also reduces the amount of bony growth but without an incision.

When do Tori need to be removed?

In most cases tori are benign and do not require treatment. However, tori will need to be surgically removed to accommodate upper or lower dentures and upper or lower partial dentures (flippers). Tori may also be removed to aid in minimizing food impaction under the excess bone, which will promote improved home care.

Why do I have Tori in my mouth?

Tori develop for a variety of reasons, all of them less alarming than cancer. For instance, chronic tooth grinding (bruxism) or a misaligned bite that puts abnormal pressure on the teeth may trigger the growth of tori. Individuals who eat lots of fish or calcium-rich foods may have a higher risk of developing tori.

Do Tori keep growing?

The speed at which tori grow is slow, and they usually don’t cause any problems until they become large. But they do continue to grow over time. They have even been found in fossilized dinosaur teeth!

Can dentist remove Tori?

A general dentist or oral surgeon can excise the tori and then stitch up the surrounding gum tissue. While tori can be removed under local anesthetic, some offices opt for IV sedation – especially if you have a poor gag reflex. The surgery is like a tooth extraction in terms of recovery.