How long should care records be kept?

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How long should care records be kept?

Generally most health and care records are kept for eight years after your last treatment.

How long should medical records be kept for NHS?

8 years
The minimum retention periods for NHS records are as follows: • Personal health records – 8 years after last attendance. Mental health records – 20 years after no further treatment considered necessary or 8 years after death. when young person was 17, or 8 years after death. Obstetric records – 25 years.

What legislation covers record keeping?

The legal requirements for the keeping of records are set out in Regulation 20 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) 2010.

What are the principles of good record keeping?

The 8 Principles are: Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Protection, Compliance, Accessibility, Retention and Disposition. These are the “Principles” of good management of Records.

Why is record keeping a legal requirement?

Why keep records providing a starting point for future decision making or risk assessments. helping you target training for your workers, managers and supervisors for the key hazards in your workplace. helping you review risks following any changes to legislation or your business activities.

Are there documentation requirements for the LTC industry?

The following are resources for documentation requirements for the LTC industry: CLICK HERE for AHIMA’s Long-Term Care Health Information Practice and Documentation Guidelines (PDF)

What happens if you do not return to practice under HCPC?

If you do not return to practice under your professional title, the HCPC standards will not apply to you, and so will not have any impact on your personal life. If you do plan to go into practice, we provide some further guidance on how to apply the standards in your emergency role below.

Do you need to register with HCPC as a student?

After this date, any student wishing to practice under a protected title will need to complete their qualifications and apply for full registration with HCPC. The temporary register for non-students remains open until further notice.

Do you have to pay HCPC fees while on covid-19?

There is no need to pay fees to the HCPC whilst on the COVID-19 temporary Register, whether or not you decide to go back into practice. This is a temporary measure we have made using emergency powers given to us by Government.