How many episodes are there in Totally Spies?

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How many episodes are there in Totally Spies?

The series comprises six seasons divided into 156 episodes. Framing each episode is a side story in which the girls deal with high school life and its situations. Most of the episodes are self-contained.

Who are the main characters in Totally Spies?

The French and Canadian animated television series Totally Spies! follows the adventures of three Beverly Hills teenage girls – Sam, Clover, and Alex – who work as secret agents on missions to save the world, involving real locations and some fictional ones.

What’s the theme song for Totally Spies Season 3?

Seasons 3–5 use the same song but as instrumentals. During the closing credits of seasons 3–4, one of the girls, or occasionally Jerry or Mandy, talks directly to the camera about random topics which sometimes are tied to the episode theme. The sixth season uses a different theme song.

Who are the voices of Britney on Totally Spies?

Britney (voiced by Edwige Lemoine, Kelly Marot, Alexandra Garijo and Stéphanie Broschart in French and Lindsay Ridgeway in English) is a WOOHP recruit who displays great analytical and investigative competence and is eventually assigned to a branch of WOOHP alongside agents Charles and Xavier.

Totally Spies! “Totally Spies!” is an animated television series produced by the French/Canadian/American company Marathon Production and the Canadian Company Image Entertainment Corporation. There have been 156 episodes divided into 6 seasons and 26 episodes each.

The series centers around the adventures of three teenage girls from Beverly Hills – Samantha “Sam” Simpson, Alexandra “Alex” Vasquez, and Clover Ewing – who live a double life as spies working for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP).

Who are the villains in totallyspies season 1?

The Spies find themselves facing a whole heap of trouble as Dr Vomesa and Diminutive Smalls have teamed up to ta… The IFC has come to L.A., and with it, the return of the one villain who escaped capture by the girls, Ariel!

Who are the OC directors on totallyspies?

The trip to the WOOHP branch in Sydney is underway, and (OC) Director Steve, Brittney, and Blaine makes appearances. Someone’s causing trouble with Australia’s fishing…