How many people does the Baylor stadium hold?

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How many people does the Baylor stadium hold?

Floyd Casey Stadium/Capacity

Where should I sit at McLane Stadium?

Corner seating on the lower level of the stadium provides fans with very good views, and a more affordable price tag than seats along the sidelines. Sections 118-120 and 129 are reserved for the Baylor students, making seats nearby a more rowdy option.

What is berm seating at McLane Stadium?

Berm seating is located on the grassy area in front of the videoboard. The berm has its own entrance/exit, concessions and restroom facilities. Fans with berm tickets will not have access to the rest of McLane Stadium, and fans with reserved tickets will not have access into the Berm seating area.

How much did Baylor football stadium cost?

The $266 million stadium is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Baylor University to bring football back to campus and also contribute to the growth of downtown Waco and development along the Brazos Riverfront.

Can you drink at Baylor football games?

Alcohol: Alcohol will not be served at any Baylor University event.

Where do Baylor students sit at football games?

McLane Stadium
Baylor University has three student seating areas at McLane Stadium for the 2021 season including the Baylor Line (first-year students), student section above the Baylor Line (all students), and a new addition, the berm (all students).

What is a berm ticket?

Many minor league parks have grass berms in the outfield, and you can buy tickets in this location instead of buying actual seats. You can then pack a couple of picnic blankets to sit on and enjoy watching the game from this unique vantage point — and perhaps even catch a home run ball.

Who has won the most Big 12 Championships?

the University of Oklahoma Sooners
The current Big 12 champion is the University of Oklahoma Sooners who have won the most championships with 14.