How many symmetry axis does a pentagon have?

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How many symmetry axis does a pentagon have?

5 lines of symmetry
It has four lines of symmetry and four sides. A regular pentagon has 5 sides and 5 lines of symmetry. The number of lines of symmetry in a regular polygon is equal to the number of sides.

What is the diagonal of pentagon?

Therefore, the number of diagonals in a polygon pentagon is 5. For n = 6, n-polygon is called hexagon and it has 9 diagonals.

How many diagonals pentagon have?

Polygons: How Many Diagonals? (For pairs or groups of students) A diagonal of a regular polygon is a straight line joining two vertices which are not adjacent. Thus a square has two diagonals, and a regular pentagon has five, as shown below.

What are the lines of symmetry in a pentagon?

Pentagon/Line of symmetry

Which shape has only one line of symmetry?


Kite Rhombus (all sides equal length)
1 Line of Symmetry 2 Lines of Symmetry

What is the formula for diagonal?

The formula to calculate the number of diagonal of an n-sided polygon = n(n-3)/2 where n is the number of sides of the polygon.

How many diagonals does a 9 sided polygon have?


Sides Diagonals
7 14
8 20
9 27
10 35

Can a Pentagon be a line of symmetry?

Draw some pictures! Note that to be a line of symmetry, there should be an equal number of vertices on each side of the line. Consequently, there must be an even number of vertices not lying on the line, so the line must pass through an odd number of vertices. It is impossible to have a pentagon with all 5 vertices lying on the same line.

How many diagonals are there in a pentagon?

For example, a pentagon (5 sides) has only 5 diagonals. Each vertex has two diagonals, so if you counted each diagonal from every vertex twice, you might think there were 10 diagonals. This is incorrect because you would have counted each diagonal twice! 6

How many lines of symmetry does a polygon have?

Regular Polygons An Equilateral Triangle (3 sides) has 3 Lines of Symmetry A Square (4 sides) has 4 Lines of Symmetry A Regular Pentagon (5 sides) has 5 Lines of Symmetry A Regular Hexagon (6 sides) has 6 Lines of Symmetry A Regular Heptagon (7 sides) has 7 Lines of Symmetry

How many lines of symmetry does a regular octagon have?

has 7 Lines of Symmetry. A Regular Octagon (8 sides) has 8 Lines of Symmetry. And the pattern continues: A regular polygon of 9 sides has 9 Lines of Symmetry. A regular polygon of 10 sides has 10 Lines of Symmetry. A regular polygon of “n” sides has “n” Lines of Symmetry.