How much does a Liberty Walk Huracan cost?

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How much does a Liberty Walk Huracan cost?

Available in three options, in FRP, FRP & Dry, and Dry Carbon, the kit costs a pretty penny at $39,420 USD, $49,680 USD, and $59,940 USD, respectively.

How much is a Lamborghini Huracan widebody?

That’s because, in dry carbon form, the widebody Huracan kit costs a jaw-dropping $59,830.

Does Liberty Walk sell cars?

Today, eight years later, Liberty Walk offers several body kits and wide fender conversions, mostly for high performance European cars such as the McLaren 670S, Audi R8, BMW i8 and Maserati Gran Turismo.

What is Liberty Walk?

“Liberty Walk” is a song by American recording artist Miley Cyrus, from her third studio album Can’t Be Tamed (2010). Cyrus explained that the theme of female empowerment was a lyrical inspiration for the song. Musically, “Liberty Walk” is an uptempo dance-pop song which also contains rapped verses.

How much does it cost to Liberty Walk a car?

Priced at $73,570 USD for full dry carbon. Available in various trims, from an FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) version to full dry carbon, this full kit is priced at a staggering $33,480 USD for the FRP version and $73,570 USD for the full carbon variant.

What is Lamborghini Veneno?

The Lamborghini Veneno (Spanish pronunciation: [beˈneno]) is a limited production high performance sports car manufactured by Italian automobile manufacturer Lamborghini. Based on the Lamborghini Aventador, the Veneno was developed to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary.

How much does a rocket bunny kit cost?

Rocket Bunny V2 Aero – Nissan 350Z (Z33).

Part Number Description Price
17020350 Complete Widebody Aero Kit with Wing $3,960.00
17020351 Front Bumper (only) with integrated front fender extensions $ 860.00
17020352 Front Lip (only) $ 530.00
17020353 Front Over-Fenders (only) +40mm does not include bumper extensions $ 750.00

Where is Liberty Walk based?

city of Nagoya
We popped in to say hello, heading to Liberty Walk’s headquarters in the city of Nagoya, a few hours west of Tokyo. And we have to admit, seeing so many of these Instagram famous cars in one place was pretty surreal.

Which is Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador body kit?

The LB★Silhouette Works Kit for the Lamborghini Aventador is available in four (x4) customized options: All FRP, Stage 1 Carbon Fiber, Stage 2 Carbon Fiber and All Dry Carbon Fiber components. Email [email protected] with any questions.

Where do I get a Liberty Walk body kit?

All Liberty Walk, LB★WORKS Lamborghini Huracan GT parts & body kits are shipped direct from Owariasahi [Aichi Prefecture] Japan, Air-Freight (7-8 days) or by Ocean (3-4 weeks). Complete shipping options and international rates are sent following all purchase [s].

Is the Liberty Walk granturiti MC Stradale handmade?

The LB★Works Body Kit for the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale is a limited production item from Liberty Walk and will not be available forever. Get your limited production GranTurismo MC Stradale handmade body kit from Liberty Walk today.

Are there any Liberty Walk 458 GT body kits?

Available in FRP, HYBRID and DRY CARBON, the LB★Silhouette Works Ferrari 458 GT Full Body Kit from Liberty Walk is available and ready for production today. REVOLUTIONARY! LB★WORKS Lamborghini Aventador Exchange Fenders for the Version 2 Body Kit requires NO-CUTTING of the Lamborghini Aventador body.