How much does a private investigator cost in London Ontario?

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How much does a private investigator cost in London Ontario?

Average Private Investigator Costs in London

Min Max
$1259 $1914

What can a private investigator do legally UK?

Private Investigators can legally: Access all public records (including some criminal records and court documents) Perform background checks and historical checks. Investigate social media and internet enquiries.

How much does private investigators charge?

The cost can vary between firms, however you generally pay $80 to $120 per hour for a private detective. Some will be inclusive of travel and reports yet some charge additional costs.

Can private investigator take photos?

What can investigators record? A private investigator can legally take photos and videos of you and your house unless they are trespassing on your land to do so or recording you undertaking private activities.

Can private investigators track your phone?

If a person calls and threatens your life – then yes, a private investigator or (even better) a law enforcement agency can track down the owner of the phone number. There are online services, such as, that offer a reverse phone number lookup.

Where can I get a private investigator in London?

If you’re looking for a private investigator in or around Greater London for an affordable price, London Private Detectives works with both private and business clients to provide reasonably priced investigative services in London.

Can a private investigator charge a flat fee?

No investigation is the same and may require additional services, time and approach to determine a proven outcome. This is why most investigators can’t charge a flat fee for private investigation services. What does a private investigator do?

How much does a private detective cost per hour?

Approximately £45 – £75 is the regular fee for an hour of work of an expert private investigator. You must analyse what a private detective offers you in his services if all is legal, if he has the capacity to take your case, don’t choose a private detective surveillance fee just for being so cheap as £15.

How much does an investigation cost per investigator?

The cost per investigator depends on the time of day. The cost of every investigation is different and will depend upon a number of factors including: When the investigation takes place (daytime, evening or through the night)