How much does a smart Brabus cost?

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How much does a smart Brabus cost?

The car is based on the electric Smart ForTwo EQ Cabrio and has more power and other upgrades. Limited to 28 units, it has a starting price of €64,900 (equal to $73,870) in Germany, tax included, and wants to attract buyers with its tuned electric motor and more aggressive looks.

How much horsepower does a Brabus Smart car have?

Technical Data

Power 68 kW / 92 hp
Torque 180 Nm
0-100 km/h 10.9 s
0-60 mph 10.9 s
Vmax 130 km/h / 81 mph

What is Brabus smart car?

The new smart BRABUS range has stronger engine power and a range of modifications to make the car faster, more responsive and even more fun to drive. BRABUS tuning is available on the smart Fortwo, Fortwo Cabrio and Forfour, which come with a sporty design inside and out.

How much is a Brabus 92R?

After playing around with numerous Smart Fortwos, Brabus decided that the time was right to launch the new limited-edition Brabus 92R. Brabus will build just 50 examples of the new 92R, with prices starting from €46,284 (about $55,000 at today’s rates) in its home market in Germany prior to any incentives.

How much is Benz Brabus?

Price: As usual, the Brabus 650 is expensive. It’s good value for your cash. The list price is 94 million naira. The Brabus 650 is the upscaled version of Mercedes Benz – AMG C 63 S.

What is the fastest smart car?

Fastest Accelerating Smarts In The World

  • #1. (05-06) Smart Forfour Brabus.
  • #2. (10-15) Smart Fortwo Cabrio Brabus.
  • #2. (10-14) Smart Fortwo Coupé Brabus.
  • #4. (16-19) Smart fortwo coupé BRABUS.
  • #4. (16-19) Smart fortwo cabrio BRABUS.
  • #6. (05-06) Smart roadster Brabus.
  • #6. (05-06) Smart roadster-Coupe Brabus.
  • #6. (04-06)

Is Brabus owned by Mercedes?

Brabus GmbH (stylized in uppercase in its logo) is a German high-performance automotive aftermarket tuning company founded in 1977 in Bottrop (Ruhr area). Brabus is the largest Mercedes-Benz tuner after Mercedes-AMG, which has been a Daimler AG subsidiary since the 1990s.

Does the Smart Brabus have a turbo?

The Brabus Forfour’s engine is an 898cc turbocharged three-cylinder, mounted under the boot floor at the rear and driving the rear wheels, just as it does in the Twingo GT.