How much is a 1910 proof penny worth?

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How much is a 1910 proof penny worth?

A 1910-S penny is worth much more — about $12 in well-worn condition to more than $100 in uncirculated condition. 1910 proof penny, which were made at the Philadelphia Mint for coin collectors and have much sharper design details, squared-off rims, and matte surfaces, are worth about $200 and up.

Who was the sculptor of the 1910 Penny?

Sculptor Victor David Brenner designed the Lincoln penny in 1909. His initials VDB appear on the reverse of some 1909 pennies but were removed due to outcry by some that the initials were too large. His VDB initials were restored in 1918 to just below Lincoln’s shoulder on the obverse (heads side).

What’s the difference between 1909 and 1910 wheat pennies?

Coin Info. As compared to 1909 Lincoln Wheat Penny coins, Pennies from 1910 are far more common and are much less valuable than their 1909 counterparts. Gone, too, are the VDB initials that caused a stir when the Lincoln Cent was first released in 1909. In fact, the VDB initials wouldn’t reappear on the Lincoln Cent until 1918,…

What makes a 1910 penny a semi key?

Collectors pay close attention to both the date and importantly the mint that struck 1910 cents. Values differ depending on the rarity. San Francisco mint pieces are uncommon and are known as a “semi-key” and valued with a high premium. Because of these high premiums recognition of exact variation is needed.

What’s the condition of a 1910 Lincoln penny?

For collectors, the condition of a coin as old as the 1910 Lincoln penny is of the utmost importance. As such, it is no wonder that most surviving coins from this year have been graded. In essence, a grade is the official certification on the part of an expert which states the coin’s condition.

Where was the 1910 Lincoln penny minted?

The 1910 Lincoln Wheat Penny coins were minted at the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints. The San Francisco Mint used an “S”. The main Mint in Philadelphia did not use a mintmark. As mentioned earlier, 1910 Lincoln Cents are more common than 1909 Pennies in general, but that doesn’t mean they are all worth only one cent.