How much is a Scott Ransom 930?

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How much is a Scott Ransom 930?

2021 Scott Ransom 930

MSRP $2,999
Drivetrain 1 × 12
Groupset NX, SX Eagle
Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Seatpost Dropper post

Is the Scott Genius an Enduro bike?

Setup as Scott’s do it all trail / Enduro bike the Genius has 150mm of travel front and rear. Utilising Scott’s innovative ‘TwinLoc’ system this can be reduced to 100mm and locked out via the user friendly handlebar mounted lever.

What type of bike is Scott Genius?

trail bike
The 2021 SCOTT Genius is their do-all trail bike. It features 150mm travel front and rear, plenty for your local bike park without getting lost in it on tamer trails.

How much travel does a Scott Genius have?

These unique settings optimize climbing geometry, even on longer travel bikes. They can eliminate the “long travel effect” that can rob your pedaling efficiency, but they’re not robbing you of the full-fun, 150mm travel when you point it downhill.

How much does a Scott Genius 950 weigh?

31.7 lbs
2020 Scott Genius 950

MSRP $2,999
Weight 31.7 lbs
Front Travel 150mm
Rear Travel 150mm
Frame Aluminum

Is Omerta bike legit?

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Is Kingbikesale legit?

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How much does a Scott Genius weigh?

Q: How much does a 2019 Scott Genius 940 weigh? A 2019 Scott Genius 940 weights 31 lb 8.4 oz (14,300 g).

How heavy is a Scott Genius?

All have progressive geometry, all come loaded with proprietary tech, and all push the limits of weight saving. It should come as no surprise then, that, at 13.29kg, the 150mm travel Scott Genius 920 is the lightest bike in test, almost 2kg lighter than the Nukeproof Reactor 290c Elite.

What size is Scott Genius?

One Frame, Two Wheel Sizes These specific models can switch from 27.5″ to 29″ or from 24″ to 26″ wheels with nothing more than the flip of a chip. No need to change the fork, all you need to do is flip a shock mount chip, change your wheels and off you go.