How much is a Super Lamborghini?

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How much is a Super Lamborghini?

The price for the rear-wheel-drive supercar starts at $208,000, but that’s just for the base model. Options come aplenty for a model like this, and the final price could balloon depending on how many options, packages, and/or accessories are thrown into the deal.

Which is the Super Lamborghini?

Lamborghini Urus is the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle, in which luxury, sportiness and performance meet comfort and versatility. It offers best-in-class driving dynamics, alongside its unmistakable elegance of design.

What is price of Lamborghini Sian?

The price of Lamborghini cars in India starts from 3.15 Cr for the Urus while the most expensive Lamborghini car in India one is the Aventador with a price of 6.25 Cr….Lamborghini Cars Price List (October 2021) in India.

Model Ex-Showroom Price
Lamborghini Urus Rs. 3.15 – 3.43 Cr*
Lamborghini Aventador Rs. 6.25 Cr*

What is world’s most expensive car?

The most expensive car in the world – officially – is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. With a price tag of $18.7 million after taxes, the one-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire is officially the priciest new car ever.

What is the cheapest Lamborghini price?

Priced from $211,321, the Urus is the cheapest Lamborghini available. And it’s every bit a raging bull as its siblings from the Italian brand.

What is the least expensive Lamborghini?

The Huracán is the least expensive, most accessible car in the Lamborghini lineup. As a huge part in the automaker’s strategy to increase sales, it starts at around $200,000 for the less powerful, rear-wheel drive LP 580-2.

Is a Lamborghini all wheel drive?

But the default for Lamborghini is still all-wheel drive. While it may limit tail-out hooliganism, the extra traction and modicum of safety all-wheel drive offers makes it the better choice for most models, Lambo feels. That includes the Huracán’s big brother, the Aventador ,…

Is Lamborghini a Super Sport?

Urus, Lamborghini Unveils World’s First Super Sport Utility Vehicle. Lamborghini introduces its third model the Lamborghini Urus, the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle. The intention of the Urus is to double Lambo’s production by creating a new niche in luxury.

Is a Lamborghini a sedan?

Lamborghini sedan could arrive by 2021. Lamborghini is finally going to reveal the production version of the Lamborghini Urus in December, but the automaker could already be hard at work on its next new model – a sedan. Lamborghini is reportedly looking at the idea of adding a fourth model line to join the Aventador , Huracan and upcoming Urus SUV.