How NYC Advertising Agencies Keep Up with the Times

How NYC Advertising Agencies Keep Up with the Times

12/03/2021 Off By admin
How NYC Advertising Agencies Keep Up with the Times


Thanks to this new world of the internet, the concept of marketing and its practices underwent radical changes in recent decades. An agency cannot spend months creating “the biggest marketing campaign of the century” when brands only need a 30-second ad to run on their social networks.

Today, many companies see advertising agencies as a relic of the past. But if you do business in the NYC area, you can benefit from the services of modern advertising agencies. Based on new digital tools and with a modern, agile vision of how marketing is done, these professionals can make or break your company’s upcoming quarter.

Take a look at some common processes and find out how they can benefit your business.

Brand-First Approach

There’s a new kind of consumer out there who doesn’t care about old-fashioned marketing campaigns. More important to them is how a brand communicates its values. According to a 2020 report on consumer habits, 83 percent of millennials consider it important that companies whose products they consume are aligned with their beliefs and values.

In other words, the brand is everything to customers these days. Great modern advertising agencies use social media and have concrete branding guidelines. If marketing is about promoting and selling, branding is about communication and positioning—the way consumers see and interpret your business.

A brand-first approach presents your company in a visually appealing way through elements such as message, design, colors, vibe, etc. In short, your company’s voice. When successful, this approach turns your customers into brand advocates—a loyal base who will buy your products and recommend them to friends and family. If in doubt about how to handle it, an advertising agency in NYC can help you with a branding strategy.

Content-Heavy Marketing

Have you ever noticed how much time people spend on the internet? A considerable part of this time is spent on content marketing. This includes articles, posts, graphics, and videos produced to attract the attention of this information-hungry audience, presenting them with your product, service, or company.

Modern advertising agencies explore the concept of content-heavy marketing as a key differentiating factor in marketing. A lack of content could mean a lack of sales, but you need to invest in great, interesting content to generate views.

It also depends on your needs and the audience you want to reach. For example, a graphic/animation that’s professional and interesting can be spontaneously shared on social media for months without you having to spend a penny. Or a company website that publishes interesting articles can attract customers you would never reach through traditional marketing.

Long-Term Vision and Strategy

There’s no lack of content in the digital age. However, that brings up a fundamental problem. The average audience is exposed to so much information daily that general attention span is no longer the same. A study published in 2019 showed that new generations focus on more things but for shorter periods.

In this world, a modern advertising agency manages to create a long-term vision strategy, continually focusing on building a viable and recognizable brand over the long term. A long-term vision is sold to consumers in a way that ensures they understand your product and how it fits into the life of a consumer. This requires clear design and a lot of enthusiasm, emotion, and imagination.

Leading the Industry and You

If you’re considering outsourcing your advertising, ensure the chosen company has authority. A great advertising agency has a certain cache: vision, strategy, and resources, but they also pave the way. They don’t follow trends unless they’re setting them or finding the twist in them.

To stand out in a highly competitive market, the advertising agency you’re looking for must have all or some of the following characteristics:

  • The team is dynamic and makes every effort to achieve results.
  • They invest in their marketing and have several successful cases to prove their talent.
  • They use the most current tools to optimize their results.
  • They know how to interpret the available data to generate results.
  • They seek to understand your business and your needs instead of repeating ready-made formulas.
  • They are an authority on the subject matter in which they present.

A New World Requires New Advertising

Old-fashioned agencies have either disappeared, or their days are numbered. The agencies that remain in the market know how to understand the needs (and the speed) of the digital world to develop the best strategies for their customers. Most importantly, a modern advertising agency keeps up with the times and knows how to adapt to the changes along the way, such as an economic crisis or a pandemic.