How old is Lauren in EastEnders?

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How old is Lauren in EastEnders?

After losing interest in Whitney, Tony turns his attentions to 14-year-old Lauren.

How many Lauren Branning’s have there been?

The character has been played by two different actresses. Lauren was first played by Madeline Duggan from 2006 until 2010.

What happened to Lauren Branning’s baby?

Lauren survives her injuries and is visited by Louie in hospital. Abi, who was pregnant at the time, has her baby delivered via c-section and later dies from her injuries after being left brain-stem dead, so her family turn her machine off.

Did Lauren leave EastEnders?

Lauren Branning left the soap on February 16, 2018. The loss of her sister Abi Branning encouraged her to think of the future, leading her to the decision that it was time to leave Albert Square. The two sisters suffered a horror fall from the roof of the Queen Vic on the Christmas Day 2017 episode of the show.

Is Abbie in EastEnders dead?

She gave birth to a daughter, who was also named Abi. Although Max wanted to get treatment of his daughter, doctors told him she was already brain stem dead and would not wake up. Her life support was turned off at 8.32pm and she died in hospital, leaving her family devastated.

Are Abby and Lauren dead?

Abi passed away in January, with Lauren and Max saying a final goodbye at her funeral – while Jacqueline’s character Lauren left in February ahead of their British Soap Awards 2018 nomination. Abi Branning had been diagnosed as “brain stem dead” by doctors, who wished to turn off her life support machine.

Who run max over in 2008?

In 2008, Max became central to a whodunit storyline that saw him run over by a mystery assailant who was eventually revealed to be his daughter Lauren (Madeline Duggan).

Who ran Max over in 2008?

Max, played by 36-year-old Jake Wood, plots revenge against his brother Jack (Scott Maslen) when he has him arrested for attempted murder, but in a sensational Halloween twist, Max is knocked over by Darren Miller’s (Charlie G. Hawkins) speeding car and left for dead.