How old was Kevin Costner in the movie for the love of the game?

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How old was Kevin Costner in the movie for the love of the game?

Sitting in a Park Avenue hotel suite, Costner, 44, displays the same poise as the pitcher he plays in “For Love of the Game.” His California tan is set off by a white golf shirt and gray sweater vest.

Who played the daughter in For Love of the Game?

For Love of the Game (1999) – Jena Malone as Heather Aubrey – IMDb.

Was for the love of the game a true story?

For Love of the Game is a novel by American author Michael Shaara, published posthumously in 1991. The book tells the story of fictional baseball great Billy Chapel, thirty-seven years old and nearing the end of his career.

Is Billy Chapel a real person?

Billy Chapel, a fictional legendary Detroit Tigers pitcher played by actor Kevin Costner, is the lead character in “For Love of the Game,” which is one of my favorite movies. …

Can Kevin Costner really pitch?

Costner did not play organized baseball past high school, but he has no trouble pulling off the role of a big-league pitcher. Watching him throw an 80-mile-an-hour fastball is a lot less painful than watching Gary Cooper attempt to swing a bat as Lou Gehrig.

Does Kevin Costner really love baseball?

It’s no secret that Kevin Costner loves baseball. The actor has starred in several major motion pictures dedicated to the traditional American past time out of love for the game. That’s not the only way Costner indulges in his favorite sport.

Is for love of the game on Netflix?

Watch For Love of the Game on Netflix Today!

Did Costner throw first pitch?

But Costner did not throw out the first pitch at the “Field of Dreams” baseball game back in August. The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox met up last month for the first-ever Major League Baseball game in the state of Iowa. It was him who built a baseball field in his cornfield.