How should a stay at home mom write a cover letter?

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How should a stay at home mom write a cover letter?

Four Stay-At-Home Mom Cover Letter Writing TipsDon’t address the work gap At least not yet! Identify your transferable skills. Show what you know with quantifiable details. Let your employer know what you can do for him or her in closing.

How do you explain gaps in employment due to disability?

The following are tips that will help you explain to your prospective employer how your disability prevented you from working.Do Not Panic. Do Not Overdo Your Explanation. Do Not Portray That Time off as a Weakness. Mention What You Did During the Gap. Emphasize Your Value. Dispel Doubts.

Do you have to disclose a disability when applying for a job?

You have no legal obligation to tell your employer about your disability. You do not need to mention your disability on your job application or pre-employment forms. It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against a job applicant because of a disability.