How to fill up Lok Sewa form online?

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How to fill up Lok Sewa form online?

Click on the link on the Top Right most corner link called “Online Application” or Click here. It leads you on the home page of Loksewa Aayog Online Application Form page. Now click on “Sign Up” button. Now properly fill the detail of yours as asked in the form.

Where can I fill my Loksewa form?

How to fill Lok Sewa Aayog 2076 Application Form Online?

  • STEP1: Applicant Login. Go to Lok Sewa Aayog portal here and Sign In with username and password.
  • STEP 2: Applicant Dashboard.
  • STEP 3: Contact Tab.
  • STEP 4: Education Tab.
  • STEP 5: Training Tab.
  • STEP 6: Professional Council Tab.
  • STEP 7: Experience Tab.
  • STEP 8: Upload Tab.

What do you mean by Lok Sewa?

Introduction to Lok Sewa. Public Service Commission (PSC) was established in Nepal on 15 June 1951 A.D. The Commission is involved in selecting meritorious candidates required by Government of Nepal for various vacant posts of the civil service.

How can I download PSC Nepal admit card?

(For e-admit card and exam center) 1. Print e-admit card from (Login>Home>E-admit Card) 2. Download the exam center notice from (on परीक्षा केन्द्र) 3. Then check your exam center from your Roll number which is…

Who can apply for Lok Sewa?

Age Eligibility Criteria for Civil Service The minimum and maximum age limit for Kharidar, Nayab Subba is 18 and 35 respectively, but the maximum age limit for females and physically disabled is 40 years.

How can we fill online form?

Filling out your form

  1. Choose a PDF file from the Recent or Files list.
  2. Add a PDF file from your computer or drag-and-drop the PDF onto the highlighted area.
  3. You can also drag and drop files to the Fill & Sign tool on the Sign page.

How hard is Lok Sewa?

It is not easy, but not impossible, to count the number of times that you can prove yourself superior to others. If self-reliance, dedication, faith and time management are good, then the test is passed and there will be an opportunity to serve the country.

How do I log into PSC?

To login Your Account Click here Enter your User id when created at the time of registration and enter password. Then enter coed and click login button . You have no user name and password click sign up and register new. if You forget password click forget password and follow the instructions.

How can I edit my PSC Online Application?

If your applications are not under process then you can edit your PSC Profile by login to your “Thulasi” account. You can find the “My Profile” tab on your Home Page. Click on that tab and on the landing page you can edit your profile.

What is the salary of Kharidar?

New Salary Scale of Government Employees in Nepal

Position Previous Salary Scale New Salary Scale
Undersecretary 40,380 42,380
Section Officer 35,990 37,990
Nayab Subba 28,200 30,200
Kharidar 26,610 28,610

What is the minimum qualification for Kharidar?

SLC/SEE pass
According to Kharidar Vacancy Notice, the minimum educational qualification to apply on the vacancy of Kharidar is SLC/SEE pass. 1. Nepal Law Service, Administration Service, and Nepal Parliament Service: SLC/SEE or equivalent pass from the verified institution.

How do I fill out a form online without printing?

eSignature technology makes it fast and easy to fill out forms online, with no printing involved whatsoever. Upload the document, then drag and drop text boxes to the appropriate locations on your PDF to begin filling in your information. You can also format using date boxes and check boxes.

How to fill lok sewa online application form?

STEP 1: Account Registration 1 For Lok Sewa Aayog 2076 Online Application Form: Click here 2 This will direct you to the Public Service Recruitment Management System’s official page. 3 Click on Sign Up for the registration and follow the instruction below. If you already have an account on the platform,… More

Which is the main purpose of lok sewa Aayog?

Lok Sewa Aayog/ Public Service Commission (PSC) was established in Nepal on 15 June 1951. The main purpose of the formation of the Public Service Commission is to hire skilled manpower from all over the nation on the behalf of the Nepal Government to carry out the administration operations in an effective manner.

How to fill up loksewa Aayog online application form?

Before Loksewa Aayog started Online Application form candidates used to submit their form through the corresponding PSC Loksewa Aayog regional offices within the certain time on Office hour. Recently Loksewa Aayog of Nepal PSC updated its vacancy application system using current ICT.

Who are the seats in lok sewa Aayog Nepal?

This announcement consists of both open and internal competition. Here we are going to include the lok sewa aayog bigyapan. This year lok sewa aayog bigyapan for Technical and Non-Technical lone officer level, Nayab Subba and Kharidar pad. This includes the reserve seats for Open, Dalite, Women, Janajati, Pichhadiyako and Madeshi.