How to redeem Oriflame points?

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How to redeem Oriflame points?

How do I redeem my points for free products? Sign into your account on our website and visit the Beauty Rewards Shop, where you’ll find a curated selection of products. Simply add the products you want into your cart, and you’ll get the option to redeem points for it.

What is Reward points in Oriflame?

Every product ordered is assigned fixed Bonus Points (BP). Oriflame adds the BPs from your order and the total BPs that you accumulate for a month determine the benefits you would receive on the purchase of products.

Is Oriflame in America?

The direct-sales beauty company is scouting out new growth markets and has plans to launch operations in both North and South America.

Is Oriflame from Sweden?

Founded in 1967, we are a social selling beauty company in over 60 markets, with a diverse portfolio of Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty and wellness products sold and marketed through approximately 3 million Oriflame Brand Partners. Because we’re from Sweden, we have a different view on beauty and business.

Do we get salary in Oriflame?

The average Oriflame salary ranges from approximately ₹1.1 Lakhs per year for a Marketing Executive to ₹ 15.8 Lakhs per year for a Area Manager. Salary estimates are based on 384 Oriflame salaries received from various employees of Oriflame. Oriflame employees rate the overall salary and benefits package 3.9/5 stars.

How much does it cost to join Oriflame?

You can join Oriflame as a Brand Partner or VIP Customer and you don’t have to pay any fee to be part of Oriflame family.

What are the benefits of joining Oriflame?

As an Oriflame Consultants you will get a 20% discount on our whole range of high quality beauty products. You get gifts by doing certain business points (BP) as per the Welcome Program. Welcome Program is for all new Joinees. The gift will be different every month but there is a gift for all qualifiers.

Who is owner of Oriflame?

Oriflame Investment Holding plc
Oriflame/Parent organizations

Is working for Oriflame worth it?

It’s a fabulous FREE opportunity and if you put the work in you will get the rewards 😊 Very satisfied and I highly recommend becoming a consultant and working your way up, it’s easy if you don’t expect people just to come to you and give you lots of money for sitting doing – more…