How will you prepare a 10% solution of glucose by mass in the water?

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How will you prepare a 10% solution of glucose by mass in the water?

To prepare 10%w/v glucose solution, 10g solute, glucose here, needs to be dissolved in 90ml water. This is because, total volume has to be 100ml, which will comprise of 10% solute hence 10g glucose. Now, 90ml will make up the volume upto 100ml solution.

How do you make a 20% glucose solution?

A 20% glucose stock solution can be prepared by dissolving 20 g of Glucose in distilled/deionized water to a final volume of 100 ml.

What does this statement signifies 10% glucose in water by mass?

10% w/w solution of glucose in water means that 10 g of glucose in present in 100 g of the solution i.e., 10 g of glucose is present in (100 – 10) g = 90 g of water.

What is the amount of glucose in 100 grams of 10% glucose solution?

10% w/w solution means that if solution is of 100g then 10g of glucose is present in it [[10 × 100]/100] and the amount of water present in it is [100-10], Mw = 90g.

What is meant by 10 glucose solution?

10% glucose solution means 10g=18010​ moles are present in 100cc i.e., 0.1 L. Hence, 1 mole of glucose will present in =10(0.

How to prepare a 10% glucose solution?

To prepare a 10% glucose solution, mass out 10 g glucose (solute), and add enough water (solvent) to make a 100 mL solution.

How to determine the molarity of a 10% glucose solution?

A 10% (w/v) glucose solution would be 10 g of glucose make up to 100 ml (if you are struggling with percentage solutions then check out this blog post: Calculating Percentage Solutions ). As there is 10 g in 100 ml then there will be 100 g in 1 liter. (Remember that molarity is just moles per liter.)

How to make 1m D-glucose stock solution?

To make 1M d-glucose stock solution one uses 1 liter distilled water180.16 grams anhydrous dextrose Since we did not need an entire liter of the 1M glucose stock, the following recipe sufficed: 50 ml distilled water (50 ml/1000 ml) (180.16 gr) = 9.0 gr anhydrous dextrose A beaker, magnetic stir bar, and magnetic stir plate are handy.

How many moles are in 5% of glucose?

5% of glucose Solution contains= 5 g of glucose in 100 ml of the solution. So 1000 ml of the solution contains 50 g of glucose = 50/180 moles = 0.2778 moles.