Is Activa 125 is good?

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Is Activa 125 is good?

The Honda Activa 125 BS6 looks good from most angles. It rides on 12in wheels up front and at the back there is a 10in wheel. The changes made are rather serious to begin with as it has started looking a little more up-market.

Which model of Activa 125 is best?

Honda Activa 125 Disc BS6 is the top variant in the Activa 125 lineup and is priced at Rs. 80,325 (ex-showroom, Delhi). This Disc BS6 variant comes with an engine putting out and of max power and max torque respectively.

Which is better Activa 125 or 6G?

Honda Activa 6G vs Honda Activa 125 Comparison The engine in the Activa 6G makes 7.79 PS and 8.79 Nm . On the other hand, the power and torque of Activa 125 stand at 8.29 PS and 10.3 Nm respectively. Honda offers the Activa 6G in 8 colours whereas the Honda Activa 125 comes in 4 colours.

Is Activa 125 failure?

Honda has issued an important recall for BS6 Activa 125. The scooter has been reported with faulty oil gauge and fan cooling cover issues. BS6 Honda Activa 125 has been recalled by the company. The company has announced it officially and will soon start ringing up the customers.

Is Activa 125 good for long distance?

As per users experience you can drive for long distance but you should take a 10 minute break after every 80 kms or 90 minutes of riding whichever comes first to avoid the engine overheating.

Which Scooty has best suspension?

TVS Ntorq 125 In fact, three of us actually do, and what sets the Ntorq apart is that it has one of the best suspension setups you will find on any scooters; one that balances comfort and sportiness really well.

Is Activa 125 good for long rides?

Which is the best Honda Activa 125 scooter?

The Best – Honda Active 125 Honda Active 125 is the best scooter, it has got the best acceleration with the combined braking system, better….. Very Immediate Response – Honda Activa 125 This Honda Activa 125 has a good performance, Its very smooth and has an immediate response. Its pick up is good.

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