Is Alison a Victoria family?

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Is Alison a Victoria family?

No, Alison doesn’t have a daughter. Many people were confused after reports that the Windy City Rehab host has a daughter whose name is yet to be revealed, however, Alison doesn’t have any children of her own.

How old is HGTV’s Alison Victoria?

39 years (October 31, 1981)
Alison Victoria/Age

What did Alison Victoria’s father do for a living?

The 39-year-old designer went on to share that her father worked as a federal judge up until he was 84 years old. “He left a lasting impression, as well as his knowledge and wisdom, with all he met,” she wrote. “He was so proud and so unconditional with his love and support for us.

What happened to Donovan Eckhardt?

Eckhardt left Windy City Rehab in the middle of Season 2. The business partners had previously endured stop-work orders by the City of Chicago and threats to suspend Eckhardt’s contracting licenses. They were also named in two lawsuits alleging shoddy work.

Who is Alison Victoria husband?

Luke Hardingm. 2013
Alison Victoria/Husband

As the host of DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers, Alison Victoria has seen her share of horrendous cooking spaces. But nothing quite compared with the one she found in the Chicago, IL, home she bought two years ago with her husband, Luke Harding, who owns an insurance agency.

Does Alison Victoria have children?

After getting married in 2013, Alison and Luke have one child, a daughter. The name of Alison Victoria daughter remains unknown. She sometimes posts her picture on her Instagram page.

Is Alison Victoria still married?

Is Alison Victoria still married? The TV personality is married to Luke Harding. Alison Victoria’s husband is a businessman who runs an insurance agency.

Do Alison and Donovan still work together?

During the latest episode of Windy City Rehab, Alison Victoria officially cut ties with business partner Donovan Eckhardt. The decision to end the partnership comes after Victoria discovered that Eckhardt had been withdrawing money from their shared business account and putting it towards his personal companies.

Is Alison Victoria still married to Luke Harding?

Is Alison Victoria still married? The TV personality is married to Luke Harding. Alison Victoria’s husband is a businessman who runs an insurance agency. The couple met online in 2011 and dated for a while before exchanging marriage vows in 2013.

Is Alison Victoria of Windy City rehab still married?

Victoria is a happily married woman, but she’s not to married to Eckhardt, her husband is Luke Harding, with whom she shares a gorgeous little girl. Eckhardt is also married, and he has two adorable daughters he shares with his wife of 8 years.

Who did Alison Victoria marry?

Alison Victoria/Spouse

How old is Alison Victoria from Kitchen Crashers?

Alison Victoria. Alison Victoria was born as Alison Victoria Gramenos. She is known for her work on Kitchen Crashers (2011), DIY Insider (2015) and Hotel Impossible (2012).

Who is the host of HGTV Kitchen Crashers?

Skincare is a passion for interior designer and HGTV star Alison Victoria who shares her favorite products and wellness routine. Fans of DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers, and its ever-effervescent host Alison Victoria, have reason to celebrate.

Who is the host of HGTV’s Windy City Rehab?

Interior designer Alison Victoria renovates properties in her hometown of Chicago on new HGTV series Windy City Rehab. Alison previously starred in DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers as the first female host in the popular Crashers franchise.