Is Asscher a good cut?

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Is Asscher a good cut?

This versatile cut is a great addition to any type of jewelry and can complement a number of different settings. Asscher cut diamonds are often described as architectural and naturally tend to the Art Deco style of the Roaring Twenties in which they gained their popularity.

What is a Asscher cut?

The asscher cut, (also a step cut diamond like the emerald cut) is a blend of the princess and emerald cuts with X-shaped facets from its corners to its center culet. The step cut of the asscher diamond also emphasizes the clarity of the stone, and it is ideal for showcasing higher clarity loose diamonds.

Is Asscher cut more expensive than emerald?

Emeralds and Asscher cut are both less expensive than a comparable round brilliant. BUT, it’s likely that you’ll be choosing higher color and clarity grades. Their tendency to show color and inclusions more easily can drive the price higher than you were initially anticipating.

Does Asscher cut sparkle?

Asscher cut diamonds are cut with a focus on clarity rather than sparkle. They give off some sparkle, but it isn’t as intense as a brilliant-cut diamond. Even though Asscher cut diamonds don’t give off as much sparkle as other diamond shapes, they are still incredibly glamorous and stunning.

What does Asscher cut say about you?

Similar to emerald cuts, asscher cut diamonds have step-cut faceting rather than brilliant-cut faceting, making them understated and elegant. This cut is perfect for the woman who likes mystique and magic.

Is Asscher cut cheaper than round?

Both shapes are cheaper per-carat than round diamonds. However, as it’s easier to spot imperfections in step-cuts like Asschers and Emeralds, you may end up spending more for a higher clarity grade, which makes up for the more affordable price per carat.

What Asscher cut says about you?

Similar to the emerald cut, the Asscher cut has 58 layered facets, creating a square shape with angled corners. This cut is less shiny than the Princess Cut, and is not going to mask inclusions – but if you go for the Asscher cut, you likely know your worth and aren’t ready to compromise the stone’s quality.

What does an oval engagement ring say about you?

A Bright, smart, creative and individualistic woman – Oval cut diamond. The oval cut is a modified round brilliant cut diamond. The oval diamond usually appears to be bright and out there. This cut is great for those who love to stay ahead of the trends, but also love a classic yet elegant aesthetic.

What kind of engagement ring is Royal Asscher?

Momentous occasions deserve magnificent engagement rings. Royal Asscher’s diamonds and bridal jewellery are crafted with magical celebrations of love in mind. Expressive, alluring settings with Royal Asscher’s four signature patented diamonds all blazing with beauty and light and sparkle.

What kind of stones are used in Asscher cut engagement rings?

Asscher cut engagement rings use an antique stone cut, but many designers use a modern variation which are more popular today. Asscher cut stones are similar to emerald cut stones as both have stepped facets, but asscher cut stones have a more square face and tend to be more brilliant.

What does an Asscher cut diamond look like?

An Asscher cut diamond looks very similar to a square cut emerald diamond but has larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table – creating an attractive hall-of-mirrors effect. Like a square emerald cut, Asscher cut engagement rings have square diamonds with cropped corners creating more of an actual octagonal shape than square.

How to care for Your Royal Asscher jewellery?

Keep your favourite Royal Asscher jewellery sparkling with this jewellery care kit. Diamonds that would never be the same from any angle… in constant freefall, every facet glistening with each movement. Shake up your snowglobe and watch your diamonds twinkle, float and cascade like little stars.