Is Gillard an Irish name?

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Is Gillard an Irish name?

The name Gillard reached England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is based on the Norman given name Willard. This name is derived from the Germanic roots will, meaning desire, and heard, meaning strong or hard.

What does the name Tozer mean?

English: occupational name for a comber or carder of wool, from an agent derivative of Middle English tose(n) ‘to tease’. Americanized spelling of Hungarian Tozsér, an occupational name for a dealer or tradesman, tozsér, especially one selling cattle.

Is Gillard a French name?

English and French: from an assimilated form of the personal name Gislehard, a compound of Old High German gisel ‘hostage’, ‘pledge’, ‘noble youth’ (see Giesel) + hard ‘hardy’. This name is also found in Switzerland, whence it may have been brought to the U.S.

Where does the last name Gillard come from?

The surname Gillard was first found in east Kent and Sussex where they were Lords of the Manor of Eastbourne. The family were originally named Villiard, or Guillarrt, and were from Caen in Normandy in pre Conquest times. The Norman People and Their Existing Descendants in the British Dominions and the United States Of America.

Who was Simon Willard of the Gillard family?

Outstanding amongst the family at this time was Simon Willard (1605-1676), English settler to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1634, he was one of the thirteen heads of families in Concord that signed Reverend Peter Bulkeley’s 1643 petition to Governor John Endecott in support of Ambrose Martin…

Where does the last name Woollard come from?

Woollard is a small village on the River Chew in the Chew Valley in East Somerset. Some of the first records of the name include: Wihelardus de Trophil who was listed in the History of Northumberland in 1168 and Wilard de Pikeeden who was listed in the same source in 1227.