Is Grant Ward actually bad?

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Is Grant Ward actually bad?

black ops specialist, Ward was revealed to be a sadistic, manipulative, delusional and sociopathic double agent of HYDRA before eventually rising to become one of the organization’s remaining leaders. He is also considered the most personal and one of the most dangerous adversaries of the S.H.I.E.L.D.

Who kills Grant Ward?

Phil Coulson
While on Maveth, he was finally killed by Phil Coulson, but his corpse was taken as a vessel by Hive and brought back to Earth.

Is Ward really Hydra?

While the television series saw Ward trained by Hydra as a teen before he infiltrated SHIELD as the perfect agent, the comics went a different route. His backstory revealed that he was SHIELD before he was Hydra in the comic book 616 universe. He ended up leaving SHIELD and joining Hydra for real.

Did may have feelings for Ward?

MayWard had a certain level popularity during Season 1, particularly after it became known that both May and Ward began to have a sexual relationship. However, this ship declined in popularity after it was revealed that Ward was H.Y.D.R.A. and maintained no sexual or romantic feelings towards May.

Is Ward actually dead Outer Banks?

TVLINE | Ward kinda-almost dies twice this season, and yet he is not dead by the end of the finale!

Is Grant Ward a psychopath?

Ward is a sociopath, and like many of television’s iconic psychotic villains, his less than savory attributes are well-hidden under a layer of cool.

Does Ward have feelings for Skye?

Ward did not seem overtly interested in relationships but for a time had a purely sexual relationship with Agent May. However, when he began to develop feelings for Skye, this arrangement ended.

Does Ward betray shield?

10 Ward: His Betrayal Of SHIELD That didn’t entirely prepare fans for him to reveal himself as a mole for Hydra. His betrayal of SHIELD created a major turning point in the show. SHIELD was destroyed from the inside out, Coulson’s team had to go on the run, and dynamic of the show made a serious shift.