Is Highland Park 12 A good whiskey?

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Is Highland Park 12 A good whiskey?

Highland Park 12 year old delivers complexity and substance at a price point most Scotches – even baseline bottlings like this one – are quickly eclipsing. At $50 a bottle, this delightful whisky is a bargain I’d be equally happy to enjoy (and proud to serve) on a Tuesday evening as after Christmas dinner.

What is the difference between Highland Park 12 and Viking Honour?

In 2017, Highland Park created new packaging and added names to their standard age statement products. Their 12 Year gets the added moniker of Viking Honour. The new labels and bottles will be rolled out over the remainder of 2017. Highland Park 12, first released in 1979, uses about 20% 1st-fill sherry casks.

What does Highland Park 12 taste like?

― Perfect balance of sweetness and smoke . Highland Park 12 Year Old which is carefully distilled at Highland Park is adored for its peaty, malty, oak and lemon flavor notes.

Is Highland Park 12 peated?

Highland Park 12 Year Old boasts individuality and complexity, thanks in part to the use of Orcadian peat in the distillery floor maltings and the employment of ex-sherry casks for maturation. The nose is fragrant and floral, with hints of heather and some spice.

How good is Highland Park Scotch?

There’s complexity, balance, and a nice progression from start to finish. Highland Park is one of the few Scotches where their “terroir” really does stand out with that earthy, heathery, well-integrated peat. Still one of my favorites, and at around $45-$55, still a very good value.

What is Highland Park Viking Honour?

The heart and soul of Highland Park, VIKING HONOUR is a perfect harmony of aromatic smoky peat, sweet heather honey and rich fruit cake.

What type of Scotch is Highland Park?

single malt Scotch whisky
Highland Park distillery is the northernmost single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Scotland, located in Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands….Highland Park distillery.

Region: Island
Age(s) (in years) 12, 15, 16 (duty-free), 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50
Cask type(s) Bourbon Sherry

Is Highland Park scotch or whiskey?

Highland Park distillery is the northernmost single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Scotland, located in Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands.

What is the best Highland Park whiskey?

Highest rated whiskies with > 3 votes

  • 95.09. Highland Park 50-year-old.
  • 94.83. Highland Park 1964.
  • 94.67. Highland Park 35-year-old.
  • 94.14. Highland Park 1967 DT.
  • 94.11. Highland Park 1967 DT.

How much does Highland Park 12 year Scotch cost?

I saw a great deal on Highland Park 12 year at Costco a few months ago, and snagged it for $32. There seems to be some disagreement on the web about what kind of wood is used for the 12-year.

Where can I buy new Highland Park 12?

The new Highland Park 12 VH currently sells for £32.95 on The Whisky Exchange, £29.95 at Master of Malt but I acquired samples of the whisky via sample swap. I bought the HP 12 from HiTime Wines for somewhere between $35 and $40 a few years ago.

Are there any reviews of Highland Park on malt?

It’s been a while since there’s been a review of Highland Park (HP) on Malt. I can understand my co-contributors’ lack of trying, as Edrington has made most (if not all) of their original bottlings dubious for the well-informed drinker. In fact, the five most recent HP reviews have all been from Jason.

What are the scents of Highland Park 12?

Color: honey. On the nose: Hot and peppery. I get weak scents of toffee, mocha and chocolate with a very quick appearance of sulfur. Slightly stronger scents of honey, orange peel, orange jelly, vanilla and cinnamon come through next. The bitter scents like cloves and burnt caramel appear at the end.