Is it normal not to like your mother-in-law?

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Is it normal not to like your mother-in-law?

It’s totally natural and normal for your in-laws to do things differently than what you’re used to, but it doesn’t mean they’re wrong. And it also doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It just means you’re different.

What do you do if you don’t like your mother-in-law?

The secret to… coping when you dislike a parent-in-law

  • Draw a line.
  • Counter passive-aggression with teasing and apparent affection.
  • Emotional blackmail either needs the brisk response you give a sulky toddler, or ignoring completely.
  • Don’t make your partner choose between you.
  • Get them on side.
  • Take the long view.

How do I stop hating my mother-in-law?

10 Ways To Deal With An Overbearing Mother-In-Law

  1. Talk it out with your mother-in-law.
  2. Plan an activity for your spouse and their mother.
  3. Have your spouse set the boundaries.
  4. Dish it back to her.
  5. Just let her do her thing.
  6. Take off.
  7. Don’t take anything she says or does personally.
  8. Vent to her other daughters-in-law.

What can I do about a toxic mother-in-law?

10 Tips for Dealing With a Toxic Mother-In-Law

  1. Consider why she might be treating you this way.
  2. Avoid escalating conflict.
  3. Remember that strong emotions make bad situations worse, so learn to detach.
  4. Recognize and avoid triggers.
  5. Verbalize and enforce your boundaries.
  6. Don’t pick fights, but stand up for yourself.

Is it OK to not talk to your mother in law?

While ignoring your mother-in-law completely should be a last resort, you can reduce the amount of time you spend with her. It’s absolutely acceptable for your spouse to attend some family events without you, and this may even make your mother-in-law happier.

How do you tell if your mother in law is jealous of you?

15 jealous mother-in-law signs

  1. Two-faced attitude.
  2. She criticizes everything you do.
  3. Thankless behavior.
  4. She never lets anything go.
  5. She compares you with your spouse’s ex.
  6. Mother in law acts like she is married to your husband.
  7. She goes out of her way to get her son’s attention.
  8. She constantly bad mouths you to your husband.