Is kv2 good in WOT?

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Is kv2 good in WOT?

The KV-2 is a Soviet tier 6 heavy tank. With its 152 mm howitzer, it is a dangerous opponent against anything it is likely to face, dealing heavy damage or crippling modules of even heavily armored tanks using its powerful high explosive rounds.

Is t150 good?

The T-150 is exceptionally resistant to fire and it has a good cannon, which is why you should avoid the exchange of fire. While on a tank of the same tier, you still cannot ignore your enemy. Misaimed shells will be repelled by the T-150’s armor, and its cannon armor will absorb the impact of any direct hit.

Is the Thrustmaster T150 compatible with PC?

Features. PC compatibility (Windows® 10/8/7/Vista) ensured thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers available for download from the website. The drivers allow you to make sure that you always have the latest firmware version available for the racing wheel’s base.

Is the KV 6 tank real?

The best known fake tank The KV-VI, or KV-VI Behemoth, is one of the most famous fake tanks on the internet. A super-heavy tank project armed to ludicrous proportions, with three prototypes claimed to have been built 1941-1942, serving against the Germans near Moscow and Leningrad.

What is the Thrustmaster T150 compatible with?

Thrustmaster presents the new 1080° force feedback T150 PRO racing wheel. The 150 PRO Force Feedback is the result of many years of experience and is the combination of our advanced technologies. It is officially licensed for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 systems, and is also compatible with Windows.

Is the KV-1 the same as the T-150?

KV-2 and T-150 are both fun tanks in their own way (derp gun and armor, respectively). And of all the tanks that are unpleasant to grind in, the KV-1 definitely isn’t one of them, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t get all three.

What was the weight of the kv-150 tank?

The T-150 was a further development of the KV-1. The vehicle weighed as much as 50 tons. The T-150 underwent trials in the first half of 1941. A prototype fought in the battles for Leningrad, and became a basis for a modification of the KV-1 with reinforced armor.

What kind of tank is the KV 2?

The KV-2 is a moving beast, 70-75 mm armour all around, 810 HP, low penetration with stock gun, but LOTS of damage, and is like driving a 53 tonne bus around. I am at 15k XP with my KV-1 right now, and am curious which tank I should get next, I want to be able to be hard hitting, not get insta-rekt, and be above 8 km/h (plz heavies).